Love spell/ intranquil

Hello, im Alisa and was wondering if someone can help me with love spells? And does love spells work regardless the free will of person?


It seems (according to some explanations) like it’s required to oppose that free will. You may add in a love spell the work that would help to improve its results, such as visualizing your aura as green, pink or red; vibrating Lam, Vam and Yam which are the mantras of Muladhara, Svadhishtana and Anahata chakras, also imagining them as blossoming lotus flowers or shining suns.

Ok, but someone else did a love spell for me… and I was thinking if it doesn’t work on his free will… how will the love spell working?

Indeed, the spell either bypass or “surpass” the will of the target.

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Not always…if the person has a strong will or just flat out doesn’t want to be with you or doesn’t love you, you can get all the spells in the world done on them and most of the time, the work won’t change the person’s mind.

I noticed you had “intranquil” in the title, that’s a totally different animal than a love spell. it’s the same though, if the person has a strong will, the spirit can torture them all day, but that doesn’t mean they’ll run right into your arms…they can still fight the work, they just won’t find relief from the torture until they do what was requested in the spell.

Okay, it’s clear now!

Thank you :slight_smile:

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