Love spell gone wrong! Why? Help

Can love spells cause confusion in the targets minds in such a way that they actually cut all ties and contact with you because they don’t want feelings of love or lust for you?


Yes, they can.

It can happen if the target fights the spell. If the emotions well up seemingly out of nowhere, it can scare the target and cause them to distance themselves. They may not know exactly what you did, but they may sense in the back of their mind that you are responsible and thus cut contact.


So basically I had a friends with benefits situation. However I wanted more, for it to develop into a relationship. But the “target” wasn’t committing to having a relationship.

The spell was cast, and it has resulted in the target basically cutting me off. He doesn’t want “friends with benefits” anymore (this was going on for 7/8 months).

I thought the spell would make him want to be with me as a girlfriend but he doesn’t even wanna friends with benefits now.

Any advice?


Move on that may have been all he wanted


Yes it happened to me and honestly you’re better off moving on.

The reason I say this is because it is gonna be a waste of your energy as you will now have to undo this spell and cast another one.


Yes. I am moving on and I won’t contact him.

Shall I undo the spell so he doesn’t continue to have these feelings of confusion. Or just leave it to wear off?

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In my opinion, what happened, is your target exerted his will and successfully fought off your spell. You were trying to force him into something he really didn’t want to do, and because of that, his own will kicked in and he cut off contact.

The thing with manipulation spells (which is what this is) is that they work best if the target has at least a little bit of interest in doing what you want them to do so that the spell can amplify that little spark. If your target had no spark for your spell to latch on to, and he had no emotional interest in committing to a girlfriend, then there was nothing for the spell to amplify. Emotional manipulation requires at least some emotion to manipulate.


Yes, that makes sense. I suppose I thought because we were “friends with benefits” that there was some “spark” or connection there. I just naively thought, if I could trigger these feelings in him, then things would progress for us into a relationship.

But I guess this is telling me, that he never had any feelings for me so at least I know now and I can move on.


He may have had feelings for you but they were either buried deep or simply shallow, surface feelings.

If they were buried, bringing them to the surface with your spell most likely scared the bejeezus out of him and caused him to run away because he wasn’t ready to face them. Commitment scares boys for some reason. if this is the case, there is a chance he may make contact again after a while.

If they were just shallow feelings, then its better you realize that and not waste your time on someone who won’t give you what you want.


Don’t waste no more energy on that guy. Better using that energy to get money


Thanks for the clarity. Sometimes people believe that a spell didn’t work as their love interest didn’t come back or show interest etc but there’s also this aspect to the spell, which to be honest, I never heard about, read about or was told about.


Lol. True! I have money though. I suppose some more wouldn’t hurt :joy:

Happened to me the day after the ritual went to visit the person talked a bit to them then left and they cut ties I was pissed off more than anything so I had a spirit break the working on her


I cast a love spell before last year I got cut off she avoided me still don’t know why.

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Has it been broken? Have you heard from him/her?

Also what ritual was done ?

Maybe the person had overwhelming feelings for you that they didn’t want to have for you as they thought you weren’t a good match together. Spells do work …

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It was one of my own making, no but they go through depression so im not sure they just went MIA from almost every

The person goes through depression when the ritual is cast? My “target” did say to me he was feeling very down recently and needed space

No they were going through it mostly all there life not because of the spell

Yes it can. You should understand your taget well. And the most important things is balance… don’t forget about that. When you cast a spell to someone for a commitment when they wants nothing, you should behave as cool as possible in front of him and pretend that you doesn’t in love or wants anything from that person. The moment they’re confuse with their own feelings, just pretend that you don’t care and you are fine with whatever is it. Don’t demand anything from him. And don’t give him any signal you want the relationship. By nature, man is a fighter. They don’t like something that easy. Just throw the bait, and let him fight themselves to get you.