Love sigil to make some lust for you and love

Hello. I’m looking for an easy sigil love spell or spell in general to have a girl lust for me and love me and contact me. A little back story on my situation. Back in 2015 I met this girl online. We talked and talked and long story short we became really good friends…We talked about everything. I believe we are twin flames because we are so similar and have experienced so many similar things in life. But as time went buy she seemed like she was hiding something. We would talk about sex and we would become lusty. She’ll even put on porn for us to watch. But when it got physical she would freeze up. So I maybe thought something traumatic happen in the past. But last year the secret finally came out. She was secretly seeing the rich forty year old family friend of hers. It had being going on since she was underage as well. I became angry and lashed out. Her family eventually found out but didn’t care since she’s now of age. Ever since me and her have been having on and off conversations for the past year. I know she doesn’t love him. It’s for the money…she doesn’t work or go to school…she dropped out of high school due to bullying …so she pretty much relies on him fiancially…So the past year each time we reconnect we would eventually have arguments about her situation. I would tell her that I would help her get on her feet and all. But she’s doesn’t believe. She’s scared that she can’t live without him. The only family she really has is her grandparents and they’re old. So I feel for her and understand why she doesn’t leave that situation I’ve been into magik for a while now but never really looked deep into it till recently…I tried online witches before but I’ve just been scammed…I tried my own sigil ritual where I create a sigil using a phrase and rearranging it…it kinda worked…She unblocked me and we started taking again but it didn’t last long… I tried doing it again with no success…now I’m on here looking for some help…I want something where she lust for me but also falls deeper in love with me…I know she has feelings for me but just to stubborn as hell to show/tell me…I want something powerful and easy to cast. I hope someone can help. Thanks

How about you tell us a bit about you?

You could always call Sallos if Indeed she has some feelings for you. I don’t know how familiar you are with evocation… If you click the magnifying glass top right you could find many topics to help you.
As for my personal opinion… If you want to hear it of course… :smirk: She doesn’t sound like some little girl with morals, so if she really liked you she would have at least screw with you. :wink:

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll do some research on sallos and convocation. Yeah she may sound like a thot or slut. But she’s really not. She’s amazing to me. I want to be with her. Yeah lust is important but that’s not all I want from her. I want her as a person. Being in the same room as her makes me so happy. I want to experience this again for the rest of my life. Which I am looking for solutions to achieve this.

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