Love rituals,spells and the Confusion about them

okay here we go, Hope to read from y’all about this.
I have been doing a lot of research and reading a lot things these day.
when it comes to love spells and ritual to get an ex lover back or fix a broken relationship there is a lot of helpful material available on how to go about it, but with that there a lot mix comments are there too. So many people says that love magic is controlling someone free will, manipulating someone to love you (even sometimes there are cases where both party love one other but had other reasons to go apart), some even say love magic is like raping some one, but what confuses me that i have the same people saying they don’t mind using magic for lust or ONS or a fling but not for love. Isn’t a bit weird that the idea of possibly getting your lover back using magic is called “Rape by some” but having ONS or something related with the help of magic is fine? when it comes to “love” the free will question rises but what about other things, such as doing some work towards/on a person that you have an interview coming up, to get the job?
I honestly am not Discriminating anyone but i am trying to understand things. Please if you don’t like what i am asking do let me know. bear in mind i am still new to all this.
i have read other discussion but i really wanted to start mine to understand people point if view.



I really share your opinion about this and I support love spells/rituals in the cases when they both love each-other but there is something blocking them. We can remove the block with magic

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yeah something blocking or so many other reason, i believe from what i have read and understand that even invoking someone wouldn’t even help if there was only abuse in a relationship and no love at all.

I am really hoping to read and know views from as much as people i can, regarding this.

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I thing is love, sex, lust hook up. You can do wat u want. Wehave 1 life. Helping others, is cool. But hinestly u b at least, $90,shirt,and 4,to 6 hours of u time. And most if the soells, rituals u see online. Are not good, u gita dig and dig. Try and test and retest. For years. And still u fail once on while. Its a expensive hobby or lifestyle.

sorry i did not really understand you, would you mind explaining it a bit. thanks

I dnt speak enghlish well. But see do as u want. Get sex, hook ups. Etc. Now side effects, karma. Not such thing It happens. Its naturally cicle. About help peoples yes someone cam do tat but it take energy from u. If u want bind, love do rituals for everything do so. But make sure u get a real ritual. Look, read, try, test. U get u wish eventually

okay i get what you mean, well thanks for that. :slight_smile:

It is. This type of love magick falls into the category of what’s called Coercion, or Manipulation, Magick. There is virtually no difference between this, and putting a spell on your boss so he gives you a raise. In both cases you are exerting your will over another to get what you want (especially if you aren’t actually worthy of that raise).

Problems arise because people have this high ideal when it comes to the concept of Love, and use it to look at things through “rose coloured glasses,” so to speak, so they perhaps don’t see the issues that broke up the relationship in the first place (get an ex back), or can’t see that the other person just isn’t interested (stalkers). It’s an “only what I want matters” kind of attitude, which is very controlling, ego driven, and narcissistic. They are not interested in actually fixing the problems, only dominating the other person.

Loving another person is supposed to be about caring about what makes them happy, and forcing them to love you through magick takes away that ideal because you are showing that you really aren’t interested in what they want, hence its coercive nature.

Forcing your “love” on another who is not so inclined, or has chosen to end the relationship for whatever reason, is the very definition of manipulation, and is, in fact no different than the behavior of those who use guilt or abusive tactics to make someone stay with them. However, few people who sling spells at their ex, or who want to get a specific person into bed, see it that way, though I’d bet the one on the receiving end does.

If you are targeting a specific person to act against their natural inclinations, whether it is for love, lust, a one night stand, or a promotion, it is a form of coercive magick. If you are doing a general attraction spell so that you can bring home a hottie for some naughty on a Friday night, or to make a good impression at a job interview, it is not coercive magick because you are simply augmenting your own energy (as well as doing the mundane things like dressing well, and taking care of hygiene, of course) to make yourself be perceived as more attractive, not actively forcing your will on another.

In the end, contrary to what some people believe, Love can be manufactured through magick, but when you use a coercive love spell to force that emotion upon someone, you will never know if the person loves you for who you are or simply because of the magick. That is the real difference between love through magick and that which is organically grown (also coercive love magick tends to be temporary and the other person’s true will does eventually resurface). In my opinion, it doesn’t really matter though, because if you are using a coercive love spell to begin with, you aren’t really interested in the other person as a person, only as an ideal or an object to possess, even if you delude yourself into thinking otherwise. That is why coercive love spells could also be considered curses.

Ultimately, it is up to the individual magician and their personal code of ethics. If you have no issues with killing through magick, then you most probably would have no issues with manipulating someone to love you through magick. It’s all the same.


thank you for explaining and you gave pretty much an unbiased response, which is great and i appreciate that:smiley:
though what about, for example: the person loves you and you love that person but there were issues which have been taken care of but while the issues were under process of taking care, other parties influence one against the other based on so many different things and manipulate that persons head to a point where they go and take a decision like breaking up even though they love the other person, but they were pretty much forced to choose in between? what about this scenario. will using magic would still be consider coercion?

while in fact i know magick is not a cure for everything, and it won’t bring the whole cake prepared in front of you, for you to dig in and enjoy. The way i have been looking towards magic is like, it can help you choose right ingredients, might as well choose for you and provide you the ingredients, but in the end if want to eat that cake, we have to bake it ourselves. (I am sorry for this kind of example but this what came to mind and suited my thinking so i shared)

In that case, a reconciliation spell would be a better choice than a love spell, and no, it would not be considered coercion if the person was open to it, and the chance was there because you would simply be increasing the odds in your favour (divination could show you the probability of the person being open to it). The thing is though, you can have a deep love for someone, but at the same time understand that the relationship isn’t good for you. Loving someone does not automatically mean you should be together. I think that is where a lot of people get buried, and they end up either staying in situations that are wrong for them, or forcing themselves into such situations, simply for the sake of love.

We’ve had people come onto this forum wanting to know how to force someone to be with them because they were absolutely sure that this person was their “soulmate,” but they were gay and the other was straight. Just because you think there is a connection with another person doesn’t make it a fact, and if you are gay and your target is straight, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you couldn’t possibly be destined to be together in this life, even if you are “soulmates.”

When you get deeper into magick, you will begin to realize that destruction and creation are the two primary forces throughout everything. Destruction precedes creation, and the old must be stripped away before the new can be brought forth. Relationships end. That is a fact of life. We humans, however, dislike change immensely, and will do everything within our considerable power to hold it at bay, which includes clinging to people and situations that might not be the best for us.

I did a ‘love’ spell once many moons ago - I was 6 days in to a ritual of nine days and it was on the six day that we started ‘dating’…lol. Ive never done one since.


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Now we are getting somewhere, the first para is actually how I feel about things.
I know for a fact that Loving someone doesn’t mean, you have to be together and there are plenty of situations going around with everyone’s love life and things vary.
And you’re correct there are a lot of people who are taking/understanding things wrongly just because the sake of their own desires and yet there a lot of people who truly are facing some difficulties and they believe that things can truly get better if given another chance. Which I believe and feel is not a wrong thing to do.
We people are the one who needs to figure which is what and what should be done.
True Destruction and creation are the primary forces, and as you said the old must be stripped away to bring forth the new.
It can also be taken in a way that mistakes done should be fixed, the issues should be resolved and start a new chapter.
What do you think? :slight_smile:
Again if I end up saying something wrong, please do let me know. It is most probably unintended!

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I believe that love is still alive and you are happy. Congratulations!

Yes, but a true relationship is a two way street. You can want a second chance, but the other person may not think you deserve one, for example. If you try to force them to give you one through manipulation, guilt, or coercive magick, then you are just proving their point and showing them that you really are not worth that second chance. You are not actively trying to fix anything, but are instead simply ignoring their feelings in favour for what you want.

It is really hard to admit when you’ve made mistakes, and sometimes, the mistakes we make with other people cannot be fixed, no matter how much we want them to be, and wisdom and happiness lie in accepting that fact. Of course, you should try, with and without magick, to repair things where possible, but you also have to be willing to let it go.

If you read a lot of the posts on here about bringing an ex back, almost all of them blame the other person for the end of the relationship. It’s his fault because he cheated, or the other woman seduced him away, or her friends broke them up, etc. No one takes responsibility for their own part in whatever happened. They want to curse the other woman instead of looking at their own behavior, or they want to destroy their ex’s life because she had the audacity to choose someone else. That is not love. That is dependent, self entitled behavior and doesn’t even attempt to look at the problem because people have a very difficult time recognizing when they themselves are the problem.

I do agree to what you are saying, and we people need to accept our mistakes as well, I believe there are people who do accept them and yes it is also common for people to blame others for what they are the actual reason that it happened.
Destroying someone’s life or causing harm to someone is just plain wrong, and trying to find love by doing that, is something should not be done.

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Blaming others is only human. We are, by our animal nature, a violent and xenophobic species. Even the most cursory look at human history proves that.

When we see others that are different from us, our first thought is to kill them. We create artificial divisions, like religion, politics, skin colour, or “tribe”, to separate us and those then not part of our particular division becomes the “other,” to be feared and hated.

We all do it to a greater or lesser extent and no one is immune from such behavior. The only thing with magick though, is it allows us to act upon our primal instincts with impunity. No one is going to arrest you (or burn you at the stake) if you cast a spell to get into the pants of the girl next door, or if you do a ritual to give your ex boyfriend limp dick. There are no rules prohibiting you from cursing the guy that cut you off in traffic with cancer, or his wife and kids, for that matter. All of our darkest impulses can come out to play with magick.

Religion tries to control people through the imposition of external authority and rules, but the only true guide for your behavior is you. You decide what you are going to do, and then you deal with the consequences of that decision. Now, I’m not talking about the false Western idea of “karma.” There is no Regulatory Bureau of the Universe keeping track of how much of a twat you are, and then punishing you for it. I’m talking simply about cause and effect. No matter what you do, there are consequences, in both the mundane and magical worlds. If you go around cursing people just for shits and giggles, eventually you will run into something bigger than you and get squashed. If you go around randomly punching strangers, someone will punch you back and even possibly beat you to death or shoot you. Consequences.

Magically, if you are being an asshole, you might even gain the notice of some force or Power, who then decides to intervene and dole out some punishment. I never really considered such a thing before but it apparently happened to my previous incarnation. He was an asshole, and caused untold suffering in his pursuit of the almighty dollar, and some “higher power” took notice and bound my security and prosperity. It is a consequence for the actions my incarnation took, but because it is a spiritual binding (of the flow of prosperity and security not of physical actions) it followed me into this life and I have to deal with it.

Love is a powerful force for both good and bad. It can bring out the best in us, as well as the worst in us. After all, it was Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, that started the Trojan War, by giving the already married Helen to Paris of Troy. The result was thousands died, and the city of Troy fell.

All of this is but a roundabout way of saying, if you want to cast a love spell on someone, do it. Just make sure you acknowledge your responsibility for your actions and the consequences that come with them. Magick doesn’t free you from them.

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Human beings sometimes tend to be big time hypocrites. I have seen users on this forum hating the ideal of performing love magick on a particular person because of the person’s free will being violated but have no problem sticking armies of hells demons upon a person’s life. Makes no sense if you ask me :confused:.

You mean to tell me you think its morally unethical to do love manipulate spells on people but if those same individuals don’t like a particular person then here comes a death spell with 4 demonic kings wreaking havoc on that person’s life.

At the end of the day do whatever the hell you want to do and don’t worry what other people think or do. This is becoming a living god and gods don’t answer to no one but themselves. Just understand the potential consequences of your actions and I don’t mean that in a karma point of view. Just keep in mind sometimes unintentional events may occur but hey learn from them and take responsibility for your actions.

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okay you honestly know how to explain things and make them as clear as it is possible, i thank you for that.
so what i read from you is that even though there is no authority keeping track of our shit which we do by using magic in wrong ways, we will still pay for it one way or other, which i do agree to. if i am not wrong in understanding you, its like this i do what i feel is correct, and if it is not i am the one who will have to face consequences, making someone fall in love could be a good thing or could be a bad thing, it is on us how we use it and how we go about it, right? :slight_smile:

your first paragraph is the reason i started this thread, the confusion behind all these love and relationship spells and i am glad that i am getting all types of responses.

what i mean to tell you is actually its is at least in my point of view, both morally ethical and ethical and @DarkestKnight, did explain a lot better about it. it is us human how we go about it, how we used it, what we gain from it. at the end its on every individual and their intent. if the think its good for them and the other party involve they go for it.
the main reason for me to start this thread was, i actually read some comments from some people, where in one thread that person said love spell is like rape in mundane life. and that same person respond by saying that he/she has done spells and ritual to have one night stands or for lust, in some other post. so that is why i needed to see and read other views, i really did not want to go and ruin someone else thread and start a potential comment comment war who those specific people here.

I’m mainly focusing on the goetia right now, and I want to master all aspects of it eventually. So doing love spells with demons encompasses that. I know I love myself but there’s no question having the power to make people love me at will is a potentially very useful tool to have