Love Ritual Versus Love Spell

Hey guys! I’m still currently seeking an authentic caster via the web aka the TikTok world (don’t judge me) and I stumbled across someone who had an interesting viewpoint that I would like you guys opinion on. I was told that a love ritual is more powerful than a love spell since spells can backfire and fizzle out. (which they have for me personally)
Do any of guys seen a difference in results from the beginning to the end? Thank you!

I’m gonna say that while that’s probably that persons experience, and that’s perfectly valid. However, a lot of people here (ok, me :slight_smile: ) tend to use the term ritual and spell interchangeably. I see this happen most for candle magick where there’s a big crossover between ceremonial (high magick) and witchcraft (low magick) use.

That’s probably a bit lax of me, but spells also tend to be ritualistically done: there’s a certain set of steps that you go through the same every time you do the same spell, so I don’t entirely see a huge difference at least for your every day, quick rituals like an alter blessing, a pathworking, and offering, a candle ritual/spell.

So much in magick is personal and tailored to the individual, and influenced so strongly by your own inner landscape of thoughts and attitudes, that just thinking that a “spell”, by your own definition whatever that is, is “weaker” is going to make it weaker anyway.

As someone that performs both high and low magick, from ceremonial evocations using a circle and “props” as I call them, to kitchen witchery, the decider in how well it works is a combination of what you put in, and the pathways that exists to allow it to manifest.

So if your idea of a spell puts in a lot less energy and intention than the same idea run as a ritual, then of course it won’t be as strong.

It’s not what you do, it’s the WAY that you do it.