Love/Obsession spell to regain an ex?

Hello and thanks for reading me. Title is pretty explicit and I am fully aware that it is just another mundane, repetitive question. A boring one. But you know, what may be boring to some may be a burning affair to others.

I just want to say something on the ethics/morality behind love spells. I UNDERSTAND all the controversy and debate behind it. I UNDERSTAND there are prices to be paid. I AM fully aware this endeavor might be considered SELFISH AND FUCKS SOMEONE’S FREE WIL. I really do and I respect everyone’s opinion on this, especially those who recommend against obsession spells. I really do. But it is what it is what I’ve thought about it thru & thru and set my intentions. I understand the risks and I’ll take them no without a shadow of a doubt. I’ll get judged and I accept that, I am flawed after all.

This could go sideways for the caster (me) and for her. I understand the possibility of her being unhealthily obsessive with me and turn into a stalker and all that shit. I’ll take it any day. If there’s one person over my whole life, and I say this with the ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY, that I want obsessed, knees and heels over me, it is her. And well, if karma comes back to fuck me up, I’ll take that too, but the point is I’ll take it.

So, we’ve been together twice and twice she was the one who broke up with me obviously. I’m not going to get Stendhal here and explain my burning flame for her, suffice it to say, my feelings for her? Not going to happen again. Not today, not ever. I’m no divine, I’m no prophet, but it is just something I know. This is for me peeps, it’s her. So whatever it takes.

I have zero of her belongings, she took everything back except two read roses she gave me and I don’t have those anymore. My best friend threw those out of spite for her because he felt she wronged me deeply and those roses would only end up hurting me. All I have photographs of her. I have no complexes oils or crystals & stones either. Where I live, it’s wishful thinking to acquire those.

I beg those who are willing to help, how do I go proceeding about this? Sorry for the unnecessary long text, and thanks for reading me. : )


Wish I could receive some of your insights and help, guys. It would really, really be appreciated.

Update1: So my ex is stubborn. I feel like if I’m ever going to succeed it’ll have to be something powerful and as a newbie I am not sure what is and what isn’t. Anyway, I started my journey. Few days ago I tried to summon Duke Sallos but that was a failure, the whole experiment felt lackluster so I’m not counting that at all. I do feel however that evoking a spirit and Sallos is the best way to go but it’ll have to wait, unfortunately. Circumstances at home make it difficult so I’ll have to go the “lighter” route for now.

Next day I combined two different love spells Made two humanish figures out of paper, one female and one male. Write my name on mine and hers on the girl figure. Lit a candle and started visualizing and trying to pour my “will and intent” into the flame. Once that done I held the two figures beyond the candle. I poured more will and intent. Then I tied both with a red chord and ended up the spell.

The other one that was put on this forum by @ngcreativity. A bit awkwkard but as I said, whatever it takes. Sigil out of her name and put my body fluids on it and burned it. Paper with intention, burned that one too. Visualized during masturbation.

While this was going on I supported all of this NAP. Read the book and followed the rituals. I followed Eternal’s method of chanting the chant to excite love, rekindle love and bring success. Everyday. (The book says to do it till your desire becomes true.) Today’s session felt more intense than yesterday’s. While chanting I did not feel much nor felt the presence of the spirits being called upon. HOWEVER, during the visualization, I felt almost overwhelmed. A lot of vibrations and honestly it was too powerful for me I couldn’t even keep it up so I just opened my eyes and ended today’s ritual. I don’t know if that was a good thing or no.

Well I guess I’ll stop with the spells now and see if the first two ones will get it done + NAP and see how it goes. Any insight will be really appreciate it. Stay safe

Cast your spells then step away. Don’t throw too much at it. Don’t lust for results. Trust your magic to work. Easier said than done I know but necessary.


Anything with fire magic is good for a quick initial response (good for if you’re blocked, they’ve turned their back on you, etc). Getting them back is easy. Most entities can make that happen. Getting them to stay is the hard part.

Some compare Sallos to an angel, so for the binding goal you have, I’d say he isn’t the one. Obsession and desire calls to mind Dantalion (obsession, make her think she wants you) and Sitri (burning firey hot desire).

Beleth is supposed to play in developing a stronger bond, but the vibe I get from Beleth is that they work dirtier than Sallos. Catch my drift? Less morals, more bending their will towards you.

And the most important part is to not worry about it after you do it. Personally, I recommend a quick barrage of multiple entities then completely going cold on it until results manifest.

I know you said you’ll never feel your feelings again, but I’d also recommend trying to manifest in a similar partner, but with traits you dislike about her left out. Then you might attract her, but with a newfound sense of dedication to you. Or you might find someone new. I think it’s always good to have a backup to keep you busy if you’re doing this shit.


Interesting thread. Great discussion.

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Thank you a lot for your reply and @ngcreativity

Noted! You’ve guessed right, I am indeed blocked pretty much everywhere. Do you have anything particular in mind by fire magic? (Spells?) Getting me unblocked would be such a good step.

I catch your drift, yep. Work with entities that have a “fiercer” approach.

As to what you both said about not thinking about results. I feel like it’s kind of unfortunate I had to wait till this long to begin my endeavors because with this epidemic I’m stuck at home and well… not much to think about or do. I wouldn’t say I’m obsessing over the results but I am extremely invested, no denying that. I find it so hard not to think about it, but I’ll try my best.


In my experience, fire magic is any time you’re making a petition to the world and you use fire.

The way I conduct magic work with entities is by first opening their sigil, then making my request either out loud or by writing it, then I burn something (usually the petition, which is the written form of the request). It gives the desire energy and a quick burst of power towards that potential outcome, but fires go out quickly.

There’s other ways to add energy to a spell-- you can dispose of a petition in water, bury it, etc. I’ve only ever burned it. Quick results.

Good luck, my dude.


i would go about this way.
cast magick to make your spells more powerful, cast protection on self, cast to invalidate any protection she has. Cast love or obsession spells. That’s vague huh? love could be layered from many demons such as change mind/feelings/attraction love lust to you. Even get her to regret or dream about you. Basically spells that help with mind and feelings toward you. There’s also spells for her to take action. I think you get the idea.
U just need one good book on 72 goetia so u know whicch demon to work on. demons of magick is good. There’s quite a few demons that work with love issues.


Thank you a lot I really appreciate it!

I’ve got a question. Do you feel anything when you burn/make the petition? Do you feel a presence when you’re doing something with an entity? Do you feel a presence, do you see it, do you hear it?

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Thank you wisepup!

I’ve narrowed down a list of spirits that could possibly work with cynicalboard’s help so I’ll see with those first. Thanks for your advice on spellwork. However I’m not well versed in the ones you mentioned. Could you name me a spell to make mine more powerful, cast protection and something to invalidate protection? (I really doubt she has any but she is VERY STUBBORN so either way I think it’ll help?)

Idk if you’ve read my first update but I’ve casted some spells but the thing is that I think about results a lot. It’s hard not to when I’m confined with the pandemic. :frowning:

if u get the book they tell you the process to ask for help from those demons and you write your own wording customized.

Then there is the angels of love book by zanna which is all about love related spells. Or magickal seduction to seduce by damon. Personally i go with demons of magick as it has 72 goetia. More useful. more spells possible.


Sometimes I do, sometimes I do not. I don’t have particularly strong psychic senses-- I just trust that my desires are heard.

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Small update: I’m terribly failing at not lusting for results…

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it’s practice my man. practice on your emotional intelligence skills. go read some books on NLP neurolinguistic programming and you will know the mind process.


I try to think of it that way but the beginner’s doubt is kind of hurting me. My evocations seem, in retrospect, kind of underwhelming. I’ve heard nor sensed anything. Maybe I felt a bit warm but maybe that was just the stress factor.

Maybe it’s nothing and maybe Dantalion and Sallos were there, but the mind is really tricky. Emotions are hard to control, especially when a love like this runs this deep. I read other testimonies and how they feel, sense and even talk to spirits while I’m here, like, well… mmm none of that happened to me. :frowning:

Someone I know told me today if her will is really strong then magic can’t do nothing about that and that kind of put me down as well, ngl.

like i said, u reading too much on forum and think this is movie magick. cast and poof, they appear in front of your eyes. lol Go read the books and you will get real explaination of expection of what should happen. Your not being realistic but in fantasy land of what others say.

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If anyone managed to get their ex back or make them obsessed with you. Could you please tell me how? I been going through some really hard times and I just want the man I love back with me


Your eyes are gorgeous.

Thank you. Its always great to hear a compliment.

Not much to say other than that I’m feeling low and lonely. A sign would go a long way, even a tiny one.