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So that way, I met someone through a friend, and then slowly we started talking a lot and we were in almost daily contact whether it was me texting or he. And all the messages were never serious but a cynical thing because we both liked to make each other laugh - over time I started thinking about him a lot - he’s the only one who’s always excited to see his message, whether it’s just a message or a photo or a picture. Just seeing his name on the screen did me good.
It’s been a year, nothing’s come of it, I started doing spells on him and it still hasn’t helped, it’s made me more and more obsessed without me even knowing him, he’s a mysterious, cynical person and it really appeals to me. It was another year from where I went through things in life that made me cut off contact with him, and I kept thinking about him even though nothing happened between us. It’s been almost a year and a half and I just texted him. He remains the same as a cynical man, and I realized it would be very difficult with him, and I still can’t stop thinking about him. We didn’t meet nearly, and after I texted him, we talked a little bit, and it was like I felt like we’d never stopped. Only it stopped again and I feel like I’m going after him. I have a spiritual friend who saw him and told me he had a dark angel and that he would just hurt me, but still that hasn’t stopped me from thinking only of him. I’ve been with a lot of men and nobody excites me and I don’t want anyone but him. In general, I’m very shy and don’t know the whole relationship thing and it’s hard for me to make a move because I feel like it’s not mutual enough - it shows no sign. What can I do? I want only him for rest of my life.
I also had someone I’d talk to who was doing spells and very spiritual and he was trying to bring us together and it didn’t work out until now, I’m so desperate because I really want him and just him. I don’t care about anything.
Is there anything I can do to know he wants me too? Can someone help me do a spell so there’ll be any sign of him that I know he wants me too? And there’s someone who can tell me if he’s my “one”? Someone I can talk to in private or here?

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