Love Bowl Spell Results + Opinions

Hey there everyone! So I did a love attraction spell including my own four candle part spell with a voodoo doll (as a closed practitioner). The four part love spell was me putting out energy for specific qualities and internal/external features I want surrounding my boyfriend. I did the love bowl spell to have the energies bouncing off each other so It can be as powerful as possibile. Including making my own sigils for the spell correlating with the number three as three represents past present and future.

The images are below:

When I did the four part love spell every inch was represented with symbolism. All the candles were placed in the coordinated cardinal points N,S,E,W with it going in a clockwise direction. I made a love oil which soaked for a total of 5 months with little to no exposure from natural light, involving all the best love herbs, unique flowers which were used for both poisoning and for very high sexualized energy/ positive euphoric tantalizing energy, common sage and protective herbs to make sure that once I am in a relationship it won’t be abusive. I connected my voodoo doll (for closed practitioners only) that was filled with the same herbs and taglock to the candles in the desired order. The string which was soaked in the oil as well was tied in 3 knots while doing the connection. The candles burnt amazingly, one candle burnt and went as high as 6 inches high and 3-4 inch wide, the energy it expelled was exhilarating but a bit scary (more so because I was scared of catching on fire). The flames burned in a tornado motion and was a white color. One other candle, once melted at the very end, created two wicks and started burning. The number 3 and 4 was also represented in both the melted wax and the flames. Lastly even when the wax was all said and done the wick still burnt.

I use a symbol I found here on the forum to give it a good boost as well.


I wanted to see what others thought about the results for my love bowl spell. The candle melted down all the way, with the flame being high and steady (as a high as you can get with dollar tree store candles) This is a love attraction spell and not a spell pulling another being present in my life close to me. I’ve put all my desires, wants and needs out into the universe and know I will get back everything I asked for.


I don’t follow rules for candle reading, I don’t really read candles or wax at all, I rely on the energy felt during. If that energy points to the candle behaviour as an omen, then I will know what that omen means already.

So this part:

… is the important bit for me. Look at the memory of that energy, it carries the message, and I bet there’s more detail in there if you meditate on it. The rest is a side effect. It sounds very positive to me though. :smiley: