Love binding using a poppet and an image of yourself

Just thought I’d share a simple love binding spell to keep someone m only focused on you. Could say it’s an obsession also but eh lemme get straight to it.


Take a piece of A4 paper and cut a large rough circle out of it, edges must be hand ripped.

Next, write the persons name and D.O.B
down 3 times, turn to the right, and then your name over theirs 9 times. Turn to the right again and write down…

“Your eyes see no one but me” 9 times.


Add a small amount of sugar to the centre. (Follow your intuition here there’s no set amount). And bless and activate it saying (I bless and activate this sugar to make “targets name” see and think only sweet thoughts about me)

Next, add a pinch of cinnamon and do the same “ I bless and activate this cinnamon to make “targets name” become hot and inflamed with passion whenever they see or think of me”.

Next, add some crushed red rose petals and say “I bless and activate these petals to make “targets name” see me with love in their eyes).

Next, take a pinch of liquorice root powder and say “I bless and activate this liquorice root powder to make “targets name” compelled to me with all 5 senses).

Next, add a little pinch of calamus root powder and say “I bless and activate this calamus to bend the will of “targets name” and prevent them fighting this spell”.

Next, add a small amount of charcoal powder and say “I bless and activate this charcoal powder to encircle “targets name” with fire, and blow up in their face every time they attempts to fight my will”.

Next. Create the doll… fold in the paper and use red string to make the arms and so on… (you can watch a video on how to make a poppet if you don’t know).

And the next, bless and activate it in the targets name and say this. “I bless and activate this poppet to embody the mind body and spirit of (targets name) he/she, will only think of me, see me, and desire to be with no one but me. Their eyes will only be set on me.

Then grab your favourite cologne and say…

“As I spray this with the number of three, I bring to me thee (targets name).

Now spray three times and say.

“You are now under my command (targets name) What happens to this doll will manifest in you, so mote it be”.


Take a small picture of you and face it up against the dolls face. So it’s only seeing you.
Now bind it with red string and wrap it around the head 9 times. All the while envisioning then obsessing over you. You can also imagine other guys or girls approaching them and then saying **** off I love (your name) go by instinct here.

Then. Take a red pin and bless and activate it saying.

“I bless and activate this pin to create loving heart ache in “targets name” for me. Whenever they think of me. (BE SURE TO SAY LOVING HEART ACHE) and not just heart ache because spirit may fill in the gap and make them sad for you but not out of love out of loss. So be specific.

Then stab it in the heart region and imagine them sobbing for you to come back.


Grab a small red candle and light it and take some dragons blood incense and burn it. Hold the doll over the incense and infuse it with its energy and then set it aside. While the incense and candle are going, grab the sigil of dantalion, and gaze and chant his enn until a presence is felt. If not don’t worry, he’s listening.
Then… tell him to connect the energies between the doll and the target (state their name) and tell him this

“mighty duke dantalion

I call on you seeking your help and assistance in making (targets name) see only me, and desire only me, no one else will they succumb to other than me, only me they will see.
You are the one who bends minds and shifts perspectives. Inflame their mind with desire for me and bring their focus on me, only me.

In return for your help, I’ll make an offering of (state offering) when manifestation is achieved. And I will keep to that promise. Thank you for coming mighty duke. Stay if you will, go if you must. I thank you and I look forward to witnessing your powers made manifest.


Snuff out the candle let the incense burn down and place the doll under your bed or in a dark place in your room. Make sure it stays in your room because it’s connected to your energies.