Love binding spell that actually works?

Can anyone suggest a spell which i can bind the person to me and they will come back

Sorry, but a binding spell and a love spell are not the same thing.

Binding someone to you will not “make them come back.” That’s not what a binding means. A binding is pretty much shackling someone to you, so they are forced to always be in your life, but it does not mean they will love you, or want to be with you, and they may in fact resent and hate you. You are literally chaining someone to you against their will, and they will fight it, and try to break free.


Why do people do love bindings then

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Usually a binding is done to stop someone from acting against you. You bind someone who is stalking you, or abusive, or threatening. Essentially, you are tying their hands to prevent unwanted action.

Why do people do love bindings? Because they don’t really understand how love is supposed to work and they confuse desperation and obsession for love. When you truly love someone, you want them to be happy, and you act in their best interest. You don’t force them to be in your life against their will. That’s selfish manipulation.

Think of a stalker. They try to be wherever their target is, and force themselves into their lives unwanted. They try to control where they go, and who they see. That is what a “love” binding does. You are taking away the target’s freedom of choice, and forcing yourself into their life. That is not love and the target will resent you for it and try to break free.

If you want to bind someone to you, then do it, but don’t delude yourself into thinking that you are acting out of love, because you are not. Stripping away another’s freedom to satisfy your own needs is the exact opposite, and you need to understand that. It is not love magick, but coercive magick and you need to realize that so you can be prepared for the target to fight back.


Could they actually become a stalker themselves or be there because they feel they have to through the binding then act violent towards the situation?

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As the caster, essentially you are the stalker. You are the one who will always be present in their life in some way. When you bind someone to you, it does not mean that you will automatically be in a relationship with that person. It does mean, though, that that person will never be able to remove you from their life. If they try to move away from you, their plans will fall through. If they try to enter another relationship, it will fall apart. You become like a parasite upon the target, stealing their happiness, and preventing any action that goes against the binding. They will fall into hopelessness, and despair over feeling powerless to be rid of you.

They will resent you, and it could turn violent, yes. Even if the target doesn’t believe in magick, their subconscious will pick up the cues that you are responsible for what is going wrong in their life, and they could act against you in retaliation.


I wish i had never put any spells on him before i did all that he actually had feelings for me but because of a stupid argument i wasn’t thinking straight and decided to start a it

If i had not done that and resolved it by meeting to talk at the time i could have avoided all of this

I think it is important that you realize that love spells upon a specific target are only temporary. You are going against the target’s will and once that will reasserts itself, they will fight back. I feel it is also important to understand that you can love someone, but not want to be in a relationship with them. Love doesn’t automatically mean relationship, especially if the relationship ended on a sour note.

A general love spell, asking for someone unknown to be brought to you who will fulfil all of your emotional and sexual needs has a far greater chance at lasting success than targeting a specific person, because the magick isn’t going against someone else’s will, and so can work unimpeded.


Sometimes i think he did this to me
I feel like ive never felt before, i cant seem to think about anyone else other than him and usually when someone broke it off i would move on easily
I cant see a future without him i feel totally tied to him body mind and soul if you understand what i mean by that

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I would suggest a cleansing, and banishment to clear everything out.

It did not end badly he still wanted to be friends

What would i banish

Your feelings and obsessive thoughts.

Will he still hate me after the cleansing or would he be friendly like we were before all this happened?

The cleansing is for you. It won’t affect him.

What if i do it on both of us

You can’t. For a cleansing and/or banishment to work, it must be fuelled by intention and backed by will. He would have to want to be cleansed in order for it to work. You need his permission.

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Spell casters have told me they cleansed him before they did spells in the past

Do the Intranquil Spirit spell. Look the thread up on this forum.


I heard about it and skeptical to use it because it says the target resents you forever and they dont know why