Love a Lust Spell Radionics and King Beleth

I’m going to tell you exactly what I did for a spell and I started seeing results and want else you can do to amplify it!

On a wish box 2.0 I had on the input the sigil of King Beleth and a picture of the sun. On the output the targets picture.

After dialing it it, I waited to flip the switch for a special purpose; sex magic on top of it.

I had another print out of the target and made the sigil of Beleth on top of the targets for head and as I was climaxing I flipped the switch on the wish box and then took the fluids of mine and burned then in a bowl of frankincense and myrrh as an offering to the king.

King Beleth is so powerful and incredible and brings so much more to the table than just the results you wanted from the spell.


On the input plate add another spirit of love (Sallos, Dantolian, Sitri or Asmoday) with Beleths sigil to have more than one legion at a time going towards your goal & I add a few drops of JS Garrets Slut Water on top of the sigils with her blessing to amplifier this even more.

Love spells should be about you loving yourself more and finding ways to better yourself; but, this will bring that person to you in ways you cannot even imagine!


Interesting, thanks for sharing! :+1:

Please keep us posted how it goes. :smiley:


Good job. :love_you_gesture: I like to see Radionics operations on the forum. I have an desire and an calling to start involving beings in the mix of Radionics.

Do you practise Psionic’s to?


It would be my pleasure and honor for the community and King Beleth :pray:t2:


I think they work wonderfully and they are always in a constant stat of working !

And I’m not sure if I have ! What would you classify that as?

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:flushed: what did I just read…bookmarked to read again :thinking: :slight_smile:


Thats great. Psionics is like the combination of psychic powers and the consiosness of electronic devices.

So yeah you are using it right now with radionics.

But with understanding and mastering psionics you can even create your own tools.

There are many that does.

Like Charles Casimano thats one of the elite ones in the
Field of Psionics.


Yesss! Now I know what you mean!

I sure am, I do my evocation and visualize my outcome then plug it in after it’s all dialed up. I at first didn’t believe it was working, till a week later when doing a healing. Definitely one incredible machine!


Can you do an evocation entirely via radionics box?

I would say not, as these are different techniques for different applications. But you could set up a radionics apparatus with a triangle of evocation as part of it I guess, to feed energy in to the working or the protections or the manifestation…

@UnseelieDiabolus You’ve been posting about psionics recently, do you have any input on this question?


Not entirely from my knowledge and experience, but it does depend on how much you mean “entirely” and your goal of the invocation. If you have a relationship with the entity in question and have worked it out, you could have them work through the machine with their sigil on the input plate along with a symbol of the outcome. Then a picture of your target, likely yourself, on the output. I’ve had success with that method. But it still requires the entity being willing to do so.


I’d for sure want to have a look no to use with the radionics box, just plugging it in for manifestations; I mean maybe, but magic with it is a definite yes!

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Care to share the results with us?


Radionics in every one of my experiences have all produced phenomenal results.

That particular working I got to talk with whom I did the ritual for but didn’t go any further with it.

But, recently I’ve had a working going with my box and King Beleth and I’m experiencing manifestations with love.

Definitely work with him and get a box!!