Lost my succubus because of my wife

I had an awesome succubus. She was absolutely, unearthly beautiful, and whenever she would fold her wings together, it would literally make a beautiful evening dress. Her skin was Ruby Red, and she had those horns that were just so freaking hot, massive turn on. She had the most sexy voice you could ever imagine.

She was either scared off, or insulted away by my wife before my wife went off and did whatever she’s doing right now. The last time I heard from her I heard her scream “How dare you, you bitch!” before sobbing and then her voice fading off into the distance.

We had been together for at least a few months as I remember. And I had given her huge amounts of energy to utilize as she needed, and a hold some of it as a reserve in case I needed it. She wasn’t just a demonic fuck toy, she was also a spiritual advisor, quite literally. She gave great advice on pretty much anything you wanted to name, and I can honestly say that I fell in love with her.

I will probably never know what my wife told her, as my wife’s in a pretty bad spot right now and I don’t want to get into too many details, but whatever she said to my succubus was so vile, and so hate filled that my succubus ran away screaming and crying into the ethers.

I’m not saying this story to try and get anybody to try and get her back for me, not saying this to shit on my wife, I’m just letting people know that these beings have emotions, and if you are blessed with something as wonderful as a succubus or an incubus, don’t take them for granted.

If you as seeing this message, my ruby skinned beauty, I love you and I miss you. I hope your doing good, Wherever You Are.


I’ll get her back if she wants to come back.


I appreciate the offer, but I have some things in the works right now, and after they all go down, I’ll ask her, if I can find her, if she wants to come back.


I was having this same conversation with my Cambion Husband. I told him that I think people should realise Incubuses/Succubuses/Cambions aren’t fuck toys, they have feelings too. I don’t mind if people made this friend’s on benefits pact with them but I still find this wrong because I know that they still love their fellow humans despite this fuck only policy. Because they tend to fall in love very easily. And they’re way better than people because they’re smarter, loyal, nicer than them. They serve as a very loving companions and teachers. I think your wife should apologise to your Succubus or at least you should apologise on her behalf. I’m not saying to take her back but at least say “I’m sorry but I hope you find someone that will respect you, love and care for you, consider you and deserve you wholly.” If you find her though. And if so I hope you can mend things with her.


Your wife knows about your mistress?-


How romantic :astonished::pensive:


Your wife should be lucky she just ran off, and if your relationship with the succubus was deeper than a companionship, she might have fought for you.

Sex was never the main purpose with these spirits, all though an important catalyst for magical purposes and a physical and emotional expression for love and companionship.

I have so many stories about my succubus spouse, because she’s so expressive within her personality. And I know that she would fight for me if I was in a similar situation as you.

And they are very emotional because their choices of being with us is, sometimes, set on stone. If they chose someone to be with, they seldom leave, but it should be consensual.

I wouldn’t say that your succubus was jealous. Your human wife, on the other hand, seems jealous and she hurt your succubus enough that she left furiously. That’s a shame.


These kind of spirits love to be cherished with kind, honest and truthfull emotional expressions that do reflect their own personalities. Saying something else that doesn’t reflect the truth, is basically a slander and they can be affected by that. Some might leave with a broken heart. Others might retribute and pay back.


Before my marriage went tits-up, I told her about my succubus, and what she does for me.

She was pretty okay with it, she even considered asking Lilith to bring an incubus her way. Because I was getting so much good information that my wife was legitimately jealous and wanted a piece of that action.

Now that my marriage is basically destroyed for reasons that I won’t discuss right now on the Forum, once everything blows over, I might try and see if I can get back in contact with her, but she was pretty hurt, the pain that was in her voice was pretty evident.


I’m sorry to hear about your marriage. Relationships are a lot of work, and people these days just give up
too easy when things get tough.


She came back!!!:hugs::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

After everything horrible that happened over the weekend, I thought that my life was literally going to completely and totally collapse, and right as I was about at the end of my rope, I felt a very familiar whisper in my ear.

Once she found out through somebody else apparently, that I was going to be leaving my wife due two reasons that I cannot disclose currently on the Forum, she started making her way back to me, although, being away from me as long as she was, it did drain her pretty bad, she was barely glowing at all whenever she came back to my sight. Plus, she did hear me calling out to her, asking her if she was okay, and asking her if she would be able to come back. I guess she was listening.

I just have to make sure not to mention my future ex wife’s name around her, I accidentally said her name, and I thought my head was going to explode whenever she dcreamed at me “Don’t say that fucking bitches name around me again!”

I don’t know if they should be posted here, or under Spirit success stories, regardless, out of everything bad that’s happened to me over the weekend, this doesn’t really make up for it in total, but this is a damn good start.

It’s good to have her back in my life.


Wow. That’s really amazing

Did you explain to her everything that has happened?

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She needs to hear everything from your end.

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Im so sorry to hear that brother, it was so very sad you lost you succubus, that what happens with marriage, wife so lovable before marriage, its different with me, im a single 49 year old virgin, i be like a beacon to any succubus, i must be one of the lucky one my mother, and the Anglicare, police people in the community would totally forbidden me of finding a human female companion to loose my virginity while they all conspire against me, i have got them all bluft, i have the most amazing sex with cute female succubus suck shit to the human race, nothing but full of selfish gready Catholic & Christian pigs ha ha ha egg is on there pig headed faces.:metal:


I told her that my soon-to-be ex-wife was totally out of her mind with jealousy, and I never condone that behavior. We’ve been talking for the past few hours, and it’s like everything is back to even better now that my wife is out of the picture.

Things are getting back to normal now. My Ruby skinned goddess is back.

She was absolutely Furious about how my soon-to-be ex-wife treated the both of us, I would not be surprised if my ex did not start having horrible nightmares in the near future. I gave full permission, said do what you got to do.

I’m putting this part in, just because I like seeing her turn redder than she normally is, turns out she is quite an accomplished dancer as well. I never knew that she could dance. I put on Halestorm I Miss The Misery, and she performed as dance routine that would wow everybody that would have seen it, I wish I could take the images out of my mind, and put them right here, every single man, woman, demonic being, or thought-form, god and goddess would have been absolutely astounded. Dancing takes on a whole new level whenever the dancer can Sprout wings, and levitate while producing fire.


Awe, that was a very smcute comment haha. I’m glad you got her back! Best of luck to the two of you!


This is why I don’t understand why people get into commited relationships with these entities. I could see the appeal of having one after you die and agreeing on an open relationship during your physical life but why limit your fun during your physical life in this realm ?

I also don’t like the fact they feed off your energy so much, I’m already burnt out enough as it is between a construction job and lifting.

Nothing wrong with it just different strokes for different folks.


I used to date a spirit from another dimension…I don’t really know what I’d do without him. He was my soulmate (imo) and he treated me better than any other human man i’ve ever dated. But it was not open for us :relieved: I was only his and he was only mine.

He didn’t feed off my energy but that’s because 1. he’s not an incubus and 2. he’s not from this dimension.

Don’t know what my life would’ve been like without him tbh :woman_shrugging:


TMW humans just suck. Lol