Lost kitty (now found)

Someone who is dear to me moved a few days ago officially from a home that was toxic. Yesterday he had to get his dear pet, Munchkin, fixed. We cant find him anywhere. We saw a cat run from the house a little while ago but we are not sure its him… but we’re very worried. There are other cats in the house but also a plethora of places to hide. 3 people have looked everywhere we can think of in the house as well as the outside perimeter and the neighbors yard. We wouldnt be so worried but he had the surgery yesterday as well as being in a new place.

We put his litter box outside so if hes close tp home he can smell it.

Any divinations or help would be greatly appreciated


On the magical side of things, try working with the angel of lost things and Bastet.


Do you have the sigil per chance thank u!!!

I posted a topic similar to this few days back called “ritual to find a lost pet” I’m unable to link it , you can use the search to find it, it has some helpful answers !


:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: ut sounds like @Tuxedo-cat has a good idea. Best of luck having your loved one returned


Thank you all for your help! Will update when i know more!

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He was found hiding behind a toolbox. Thanks again all! :3


Very beautiful and healthy cat! :blush:


Yaaaay, he’s been found!! Kitty Snuggles


I updated the topic title, hope you don’t mind, people don’t always read all replies and may not see the good news. :heart: :cherry_blossom:


Of course. Thank you @Lady_Eva :slight_smile:

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Here’s something i posted on @Tuxedo-cat his similar topic
I know.he’s found but this is for the people who can use it :

Perhaps scrying methods to gain some insight.

for example a few drops of blood in a bowl of water and mix it with some hair of your cat.
See what the forms tell you or your intuition.

For a spell.
Take a bowl and a white or green candle.
While consentrating on your intent, draw the Odal rune on a piece of paper.
Vibrate the Rune mantra while holding the rune and visiulize the runic energies provoking the return of your cat or pet finding it’s way back home.
Burn the rune and mix the ashes with some hair or other DNA of your cat, a little bit of milk and salt.
Put the powder on your doorstep or in front of the appartment .