Losing faith

Greetings everyone,

I would like the help and opinions of the people who make this forum a great source of knowledge.
What do you do when you start to lose faith in magick?
It doesn’t matter why you lost or would lose faith.
I would love to know what you have already done or would do in this case.
Thank you very much to anyone who can leave their opinion.


Cry it out, be angry, mope, let you feelings out. And then get back on the horse.

Question yourself. Why are you losing faith?
Because you asked for something but you haven’t seen any “signs” of movement/progress for a few weeks?
Because you set a timeframe on a result and it didn’t come to pass?
Because you asked for something “big” to happen, like a miraculous healing or a lottery win or a free Lamborghini and it didn’t come to pass?

My experience = sometimes faith is something you have to actively work for. If I find myself doubting or having negative thoughts or thoughts of failure, I ask myself – “who does this thought belong to? is this the thought of a ‘living god’/magician/witch who has the power to change their own reality?” or is it the thought of someone who thinks life, and even their own thoughts, are outside of their control?

ultimately, if you persist in it, faith is its own reward – faith in the general sense of “I am powerful, I control my reality, magick is real”. What do you have to lose by telling yourself that and persisting in that belief even if you are confronted with evidence to the contrary? you can persist in it, improve your mindset overall, and have it become a self-fulfilling prophecy. or you can “give up” magic entirely, let your thoughts run wild and undisciplined, and be a caught and blown every which way like a leaf in a whirlwind, thinking yourself to be at the mercy of the world, instead of the world being at the mercy of you.

i do not believe anyone can “give up” magick. i think it is a universal law that underlies all nature, like the law of gravity. and faith is belief in things unseen.

“A man is what he thinks about all day.” – Emerson

“Our [thoughts] do not recede into the past as man believes; they advance into the future to confront us as wasted or invested words.” – Goddard

“According to your faith be it done unto you.” – Matthew 9:29

“I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer (ritual), believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” – Mark 11:24


From my experience,
Results depend on the “Material Backbone” of your Magick:

Where do you perform the Magick - clean and tidy, less clean and messy…

What are the materials you use?
Candels, a magical circle, a magical triangle, etc…

What is the bio of the entity you’re trying to call - name, culture, area of expertise, how ancient/young it is…

Some other posters said this is less important, but again it worked for me, so this are my two cents:
What is your bloodline/cultural background- I have Jewish, Russian and German blood in me and out of this feel most comfortable with the Norse Pantheon…

Did you collaborate with others in your Magick - this could go both ways - when Adepts aren’t in synch, they hurt the ritual,
but when they are, they can be a force multiplier…

Does it make sense?
Want me to continue?


Thank you very much for the words of support, I needed to hear from someone. You’ve already helped me a lot. :pray: :heart:

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thank you my friend.

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Glad to help…

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Sometimes a request or goal, however simple it is, is the hardest to achieve.
I have no doubt that magic works and that we ourselves control our destiny, I can take readings, relieve the physical pain of patients, sometimes help with faster healing, take out spells, curse someone or cast seduction and Glamor spells.

But as much as I try, practice, perform impeccable rituals, I can’t get what I most want in life, which is the love of an ex, the most important person in my life.
I always plan, study, structure as best I can, but nothing Brings Her Back.
I’ve even hired several renowned magicians and spent even a small Fortune, but with no result. 100% failures.

And that’s why I’m in doubt, I’m not a professional magician and I’ve never charged anything to help those in need.
I can improve and help others’ lives, but I can’t help myself and I start to lose faith.

Do we really control our destiny, or are we somehow controlled To change the destinies of others?

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People have free will, right?

If one is in another place, moved on, in a committed relationship with another party and is emotionally invested in that relationship,

you’re catching my drift?

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And taking advantage of the topic, I don’t know if it’s against the forum rules.
Although I’m Brazilian and my family has Japanese magic origins (300 years of spiritual tradition) I’m one of the few who can’t communicate directly with the entities, so I use decks, pendulums and intuition. But No entity, and I’ve tried with several, answer this question: will I have my loved one back?

Would any experienced reading forum member do a charity reading about my relationship with this ex?

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I was warned not to do it by a mod, because I’m not a member for 90 days…

Maybe, DM @Lady_Eva, she’s great…

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I already tried, believe me.
I was once told that she cast a spell on me.
But no entities, demons or angels tell me anything about her.
It’s like she didn’t exist.

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All my Magical experience is Israel specific,
I think that different forces operate in different parts of the World…

Some problems you just can’t solve.

If I were you I would find a time intensive line of work, that way you don’t have time to think of her,
just my five cents…

I like to look over the success stories of others to remind myself of the potency of magick. That is why I created this thread. You may find it of use to you as well


I have already practiced African magick, kimbanda, umbanda, voodoo and even the old Asian exorcism.
I got pretty good results with demons and daemons in other cases but nothing about my ex gf.

My days are intense, full of matters to take care of, and I go to the gym every day. I sleep less than 5 hours a day and still dream about her every night for over a year.

Thank you for your help. :pray:

Thank you so much for replying.
I’m a big fan of this thread you created, it’s bookmarked, and I actually access the forum through it.
It really encouraged me to learn more about western magick.

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If you’ve been told she cast magick on you and have gotten the same response from multiple entities, move on. Chances are, she left you and it was for a reason so time to face reality and let it go.


Don’t want to sounds harsh but, wouldn’t it be better to spend your time and energy on another person, or yourself, instead of that person ? If it doesn’t work, well it doesn’t, just move on.


I need to confirm that. Thats why I asked others entities but no answers

Thank you for your reply :pray:

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At first I tried very hard, but it’s not so easy to overcome or forget.
That’s why I decided to try to bring her back with the help of the magick.

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I understand. Since how long are you trying to get back with her ?