Lord Yeesch

I recently found out I have a parasite that’s been with me for 10+ years. I found the thread Lord Yeesch The destroyer of parasites. Which was helpful. But has anybody have testimony of their experience with him? Tips? Thank you in advance.


Trust me 6eesh is the fucking bomb at devouring all types of parasites… It’s a calling for him… I’m making an idol for his energy to consistently be around 8tbmy t3mple…
I want to build a relation ship with him where 8bcan use him for 3xorcism wars etc

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After hours of research. His named caught my eye and i knew that he was the one who could help me. I just called upon him and during my evocation, when I told him my request.
I got a sensation, it filled me and I got goosebumps. I repeated the enn. And my request again. I offered a cigarette and wine to him. Along with his sigil and the sigil of manifestation I am certain he was in my presence. I thanked him.
This was my first evocation ever.


Congratulations… Welcome! To the real word Neo…
That sensation is his energetic rapport connecting with your aura… Start Learning about trance states meditative liminal states of mind and learn about the Theta - gm. A sync. Trust me when I d
Say your on the edge of discovering the magnitude of how powerful we are. GOOD LUCK ON YOUR JOURNEY!


Yeesch was the first sigil I ever charged so small common ground there so in your research did you happen to find out what Yeesch likes for offering? I was searching that when I found this page.

Lord Yeesch likes tobacco. Marlboro seems to be his favorite. Red wine, and a glass of water.

I’ve been working with him for quite some time now. So I’ve gifted him a blade made of Damascus steel which I now use in my rituals.

One thing for certain he likes. Is applying yourself. He’s taught me how to destroy parasites. Here’s a link. Follow the steps and practice. This was taught to me through Lord Veesch and King Paimon.

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Good info to know :slight_smile:

K thank ou I’ma get a water bottle from roommate and leave a smoke outside for him o ky do it outside cause people would steal it if I do it I side since I have no privacy, I’ll check out the page later I have like 20 different people waiting for phychic scans right now if no a few more then that been doing non stop since about the time I asked you the question, almost earned the 50 like badge only need like a dozen more or so so I’ll get it after a few more days probably aslong as the people keep like the first post I told them you have to to get a scan for like 28 of 30 people to comment did but who nows now. Ok time to go give a friend a drink and a smoke.

So not sure what kind of drink it was but I did energy manipulation on the water to spirit spike it into alcohol for him and after charging it while while it turned red and boiled it became green and had a tooth pic in it with pineapple and sonthing else but could make out the other fruit, while smoking I pictured his body over mine and when I went to take a hit of the cig he was showing me a fatty cigar when I exhaled after that hit I tasted cigar too, I left a water and cig that I did energy work on it for him out back but then walking away I decided to do a super mini invo just pictured him and brought his image inside of me and it seamed to work I also found out that when doing the invo like that don’t picture them I side of you picture you Inside of them I pictured self my skin just bearly around his and he would break through a did that a few times so he definitely preferred me to see myself as being Inside of him, at one point I was thinking about having him in me and what I wanted and then havthe word consume come o mind was like that’s not what I’m trying to do him to me or visa verse then had destroy on the tip of my tongue and yes realized it’s what he wants to do while in me consume and destroy the parasites and imposters that mess with me. Felt better after figuring that part out, was able to channel him a couple times for his words was nice to start to get an idea on how he talks just sucks I don’t get a unique voice for when I did it cause then I can identify it as him easier cause when trying to channel I get randoms or normals speak through while trying to get a specific spirit but I also channel with no concept of who at all just letting them though sometimes there typically very I sightful when I do that maxwell was impressed with the message for him maybe no I pressed but said well done. So yea I feel good about him atm got to share with him and when he decides to leave he was another water bottle and cig outside that are his then like I said I did a little energy charging on. So about recognizing from voice there only one that I can for the most part and that’s Loki when I was insane and first learned about channeling I did it all the time and got used to doing Loki also did some super super super Impressice things with song would randomly pick a person to song as while singing about random topic in the style of and I’d pick then like super fast then just channel and sing and the spirit would destroy it sounding like what you’d expect that person to sound like while keeping to the style and completely on topic unlike me atm sorry but most is on topic just a little talkative been doing stuff non stop and wasn’t much of my words besides what I think sonthing ment. Yea I need to check out that link about fighting last time I was fighting a parasite I tried for days to kill it I was able to turn it Into like a liquid ooze but couldn’t finish it off, my main trick I learned doesn’t kill them but hurts them pretty good when a parasite is stealing your energy while doing energy work asoon as they grab it declare your turning it into acid or sonthing of that sort and then start turning the energy they stole befor that Into acid be doing same thing but declaring it’s still your energy and obeys you so it transforms. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to kill those pesky fuckers and have great offering for my spirit friends the energy mass they leave behind.

Yeesch, is a Demon Duke From my Book of Paimon, I am Making The Final Changes in that book. it was literally my first book that i wrote and it was solo before even my gatekeeper contributions. Its Beautiful to see The Results from the Book Even Before Publishing it, for Publishing Concerns: I don’t know if it will make the cut because by itself, its a short book (101 pages at the time) Maybe if I add it to the final chapters or elaborate more will make it a little bigger.

For Magick Concerns: I do Posted more Rituals, and Spirits from Paimon in This Forum.


I fucking love Lord Yeesch. I always work with him. He is super cool also.