Getting Rid of a Parasite

When I had the parasite, that was attached to me for years. I use to have these sort of, night terrors. Let’s call them that.
I would wake from my sleep. To be hit, with the sensation of paralysis. My eyes would flicker, my face would lock up, body stiffens. My mouth would form the words, but not even a squeak would come out. Not a very pleasant way to start the day to say the least.

That was all taken care of by, my first evocation ever. Demonic Lord Veesch.
Now if you were to post, “Need Help Parasite” or anything similar. You’ll be hit with the, Use the magnifying glass, or the term you’ll see just about anywhere here on the forum. Banish! Sometimes you’ll see it in 3’s. Banish, Banish, Banish!

Now that is very true. Banishing is quite essential, if you don’t want unwanted guest sticking around. Now I learned the hard way so to say. When it comes to banishing, I kept up with doing before and after every evocation or when I got the “uneasy” feeling. But then I got sloppy. After a evocation, a unwanted fellow joined the party and stayed. Which then ruined the good fortune I was having.

I found out through Lucifer and Lord Veesch, that indeed I had a parasite. Before I had spoken with them, I did my first LBRP with the help of my other half. So when I asked if we successfully gotten rid of that parasite. I was told yes. Success!!

During my conversation with Lord Veesch, I asked him. To teach me his ways and understandings. On how to destroy and detect these nuisance beings. He informed me yes. So then it began. My lessons.
They came in the form of dreams. Hence the night terrors as I mentioned in the beginning.

The first dream. As I was waking up, in my dream I was hit the night terror. Now I have a arsenals of things that can combat these parasites. So in my dream I started with my first weapon. My familiar, given to me by King Paimon. I called to him but I couldn’t say his full name. The paralysis continued. I then tried to imagine the solar circle of fire around me, to no avail. I then tried the solar sword, that also failed me, the paralysis continued.

All this is going on in my dream. It felt so real, so then I performed what I call a solar beam. This is something I determined worked for me. I performed it in my dream and was able to kill the parasite and wake up.
I’ve had a total of 3 dreams like this. The last 2 were like follow ups, to see if what I was taught would stick. Those 2 dreams I was able to destroy the parasite quickly and I was able to resume my sleep.

I confirmed with Lucifer. That the dreams I had were actually lessons, he said yes. I then asked if they taught by him he said no. King Paimon and Lord Veesch had taught me, he told me. I thanked my teachers with my offering altar. And so that’s what brings me here, to share what has been taught to me in hopes that it may help anyone of you.

Solar Beam

I developed this in my own way. I love the anime Dragon Ball Z. So when I use any method that involves solar fire/energy. I imagine the characters from Dragon Ball Z, with the energy blast or the aura rotating around them. For me that’s how I obtain my solar power.

For those that haven’t seen that show. No problem do whatever works for you.

  1. Extend your dominant hand out. Raise it till it’s at eye level.

  2. Open up your hand, as if you’re holding a orb/ball. (You should be able to see your palm, so your hand should be palm up) While doing this concentrate on your breathing. Deep breathes in deep breathes out.

  3. Now you can either close your eyes and visualize solar energy gathering into your palm. Or what I like to do, is stare at your palm. Visualize solar energy accumulating in a ball.

  • if you are closing your eyes while visualizing, you’ll know when it’s ready when your hand either becomes heavy or it gets warmer.(as if you fire in your palm)
    -if you stare at your palm. Whenever you get the sensation of heat or heaviness. When you close your eyes you’ll be able to see the after image of a orb.
  1. Once you achieve either of the 2 sensations listed in step 3. The solar energy ball is ready for compression. Slowly lower your arm that is extend, to your side. While doing so, close your palm as if you are compressing the energy into a fine point.

  2. Once your arm is completely by your side and your palm is completely closed. Extend your index and middle finger out, like a dagger. (While doing all this make sure you are controlling your breathing)

  3. Now. You have 2 choices here. You can bring your dagger. From the your side straight to the center of your forehead.

  • or you can, with your dagger by your side counter clockwise bring your finger dagger to the middle of your torso at the waistline. Bring it straight up through your torso, up your chest. Ultimately resting the dagger in the middle of your forehead.
  1. Once you have your finger dagger in the middle of your forehead. Prime it. Keep it mind that you have condensed the solar energy into a fine point in your palm. When I say prime it. Imagine the solar energy making it’s way from your palm to your finger tips.

  2. When you feel the energy transfer to your finger tips. Its ready to fire. I usually before I fire, take a huge breathe in and when you exhale. Bam! Either shoot it straight or you can sweep it across a room.

  • while you fire the solar beam. Imagine hitting your target and it evaporates. Or cutting it in half and watch it burn up with the solar beam.
  1. This is just my guidelines. Feel free to tweak it to your liking. Whatever works for you.

I hope this is helpful. This is what King Paimon and Lord Veesch has taught me. Verified by Emperor Lucifer.



Your solar beam is very much like EA’s white light banishing, where you invoke omnipotence and release it in a blast through your hand. Nicely done! :+1:

Andrieh Vitimus talks about using the Kamamaha (sp?) wave to banish in his book Hands On Chaos Magick so you’re not alone. The visuals of energy in that series are some of the best for energy work :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I’ll definitely look into EA’s banishing technique.

I agree. That series has helped me throughout my childhood and now it’s still giving me a helpful hand as a adult.
Hands of Chaos Magick by Andrieh Vitimus. Thanks for the reference I’ll be looking into that book as well.

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So I havthe paralis thing happen to me three times in one night I was awake unable to move the first time it happened it’s over me I’m laying on my side I see it’s black shadow over me then next to my head I see a book it opens and starts flipping through the pages I ask what’s that my book of life no response I then forget about the book and ask what do you want I’m speaking with my mind didn’t try speaking out loud yet then it responds the blood of your seamen I’m like wtf then try calling out the name of my roommate to wake him I try like 3 times and can’t get the words to come out but the forth time I say his name sorta loudly I’m not trying to move just calling monty then when he says what I ask him can you see this he says what I ask again and it disappears, I get upset about it saying what it said so I try some training with Loki asking to use a dagger from him and I practice stabbing with it for a while I go back to sleep sleeping on my side and then while I between awake and asleep I hear monty grunting and then all of a sudden sonthing falls on me I think it’s Monty and start trying to get imhim off me after like 3-5 seconds I throw it off me the. I’m like in shock it wasn’t Monty. I try to sleep again and then while on my right shoulder back to it it gets ontop of me again this time the first thing I think about is stabbing this notherfucker in the face takes me like 2-3 seconds to break out of its paralis and then as I’m reaching out to stab it I see that the fucking thing was trying to bite me once I basically punch it not sure how good I was able to summon the dagger didn’t have time to charge it up or anything it’s gone then I’m like alright I’m done with this and I put on a vanishing audio file from sapiens that’s bearly audible and burn a little bit o sage I see like ten or more shadow people run into my closet and disapear but don’t sense anything like the thing doing the para from what I seen move they were the randoms that I actually enjoy having around as long as they don’t stand near my face when I’m laying down or try to join me and my succubus, I’ll watched my succubus gesture come towards the closet then then all come out.

So the solar flare reminds me Vegeta’s final flash or bang maybe ever freezes death ray because it generates through your finger I’m confused why you would flat yourself with the dagger up o you for head is that just to gather all the solar energy?

When I was first waking up the forth day of a four day spell for opening your third eye I had an aura around me that I described to people as going super saiyan because it was like ten feet around me glowing yellow ish and I could see energy masses or whatnot being lifted straight up, never experience it that way again, also never had sex with a Succubus that intense as I did right after that.

So about targeting the spirit when you can’t physically see it only in your minds eye do I just picture hitting it and do the magic physically sending it out? When I fought the one that fucked with me for years it’s always on my back so hard for me to figure out how to Target it with direct energy bean, also when I first started to read your solar atk I read the part about pulling in from image like satan charge sure satan charge I won’t fix it then thought about how it’s yellow and all around me and absorbed it as air ele energy then with a slight thought towards it I shot a blast across the room o ky charged like 7 seconds when it shot it from my solar plex chakra I feel the energy moving quite a bit,. So an idea for when your charging or your solar blast while our doing the satan charge pulling in the energy picture yourself directly Inside the sun I’m sure if you add that pull see definite difference in energy output I tried a little bit and the mental image of the aura was appearing not as I pictured it forming itself and then as it was directing the orb to condense from orb to finger ray and touched my forehead with it I felt alot of energy while doing the charge but because I didn’t follow I structions on the dagger part when I went to shoot the ray it was slightly smaller then the first one but had a strong feeling through the finger as the last bit of the energy left, the whole time I was channeling it to y finger I was seeing Vegeta’s face instead of my own. I thought about the aspect of making sure I father it from my solar and body even without doing the dagger action I felt a lot larger amount of energy on my finger tip and seen a pulsating orb at the base of my finger, hmm nice I just thought about Loki dagger and tiniest thought about gathering the energy it gathered alot and started glowing brightly I thought about having permission to father the energy from Lucifer’s solar plex chakra within me and never touched dagger to self and then my hand was vibrating and sorta still feels like it’s partially asleep even a couple minutes after placing the dagger to my 3rd then saying a quick word about preserving the energy on it for next time I summon it so it went from 3rd eye into me down the list till it got to solar plex then it went out of me backwards and to the left, I checked to make sure it wasnt being highjacked and pictured Loki asked if he has it and it appears in his hand glowing golden.

So I’ve definitely taken some knowledge out of this the more I practice the satan charge the stro get it’ll get I’ll connect to when I had the sight in the physical not the mental. Hopefully you get an idea from from me about summoning the sun while doing the charge I seen a change in the energy field created one was created and didn’t stick to where I pictured it showing it surpassed my expectations. If you astral to the sun at dawn looking Into the sun surrounding your self in the plasma it’s crazy insane energy when your able to properly atune to the sun I’ll hopefully get a chance to do that soon and go through the process of charging the dagger properly there a nice chunk of energy on it atm but would probably be in best interest to show the respect for the dagger and the power involved to do it in the way that gets it ready to kill even when in my hands compared to who blessed it to me.

Sorry if it’s to much to read buddy but hope it’s an Interesting read. Do ou have any idea what type of energy concept what to connect to so that it’s potebt if I turn it Into acid? I just simply don’t have idea on what would actually have synergy to make the end result worth of trying to use in in combat but when I did acid before it was so thing I knew hurt the parasite a nice bit.

Wow yea had another idea I replaced solar with nebula and it’s a person amthibg but bearly started and had rush of energy, nebula was my first astral location to relax in wonder and get powered I sorta believe there where wishes are formed.