Lord Voldemort Working

Dear Balg,

Since Lord Voldemort made himself known to me,
and requested my aid,
inactivating his Sigil towards the Forum,
so he can start working with us,
he’s been clearly taken carefully from my end.

Reference to his approaching of me.

That whole “killing muggles for them being lesser beings”,
the thing seemed to be an integral part of his motivations and side of view,
but then again,
it’s what we’re made to believe from the standpoint of the book of view.

So i accepted his request to teach and train me,
even tho i still felt curious.

Since then,
he’s specifically addressed the Topic of Occlumancy towards me.

He must notice to some extent,
that i’m already trained in Numinosis,
and probably chose that main focus area to begin with first,
because he figured that’s where i’d most likely have a sense of him actually teaching me something,
and also where i could build trust,
through coming together on grounds,
where it’s pretty darn right difficult to lie or cheat,
since that degree of Telepathy basically is based around reading deeper then you normally or usually get with anyone in daily life.

Here’s some of the first things he taught me.


When you want to have a clean slate,
and actually practice and control your full mental capacity;
Don’t think with your brain!

Your consciousness part is naturally much weaker than your Subconsciousness,
so actually use that Subconsciousness to do the heavy lifting,
without your brain constantly looking at it,
or double-checking.

fully trust your own subconscious potential,
which never leaves you astray anyways,
since it’s dependant on your survival and very good at ensuring that to keep well on track.

  • Now,
    well, i know the Subconscious is naturally basically 1’000 times as effective and strong as the conscious is.
    But Voldemort was really good at getting me to connect the Energy into my lower body,
    and not just send it there and then do one or 2 transmutations.

with his aid,
i could literally process full strings of thought, Idea and Energy,
with my Dark Tree ( Qliphoth ), Tree of Life and other Astral and physical Faculties of my self.

After i had started processing some base experiences there,
he leads me forward,
to work with my Sacral Chakra,
which throughout the years,
I’ve been addressing in many of my workings,
but never had a Teacher actually capable of explaining things to me.

most of the Time i had to teach myself,
or Rely on Lucifuge Rofocale,
which didn’t really talk,
but rather let me learn through the world and my life.

I do often slip between addressing him as Slytherin, or Voldemort,
according to what kind of aspect i find more interesting or capable for my request currently,
and at least in my personal understanding,
Voldemort was basically one of the Incarnations,
or Emanations, for that matter,
of Slytherin,
partially, even from Our viewpoint, explainable, by him having sought to align himself with Slytherin to the best he could.

During the Sacral Chakra Activation,
i performed on myself,
the Room Temperature changed from close to 20 degrees celsius (maby 22 or something),
to 31 Degrees,
when i woke up.

(I had to go sleep,
so my body could aligne and integrate a bunch of things,
as i used my AumOhmZui chant several times,
and produced changes on Reality in alginement with the chakra,
basically using it’s power and focusing specifically on using that,
instead of my normal neutral mana pool,
to see how things will go.

The Sacral Chakra is said to be especially strong connected to Creation,
to Desire and needs,
and to Sexual Energy.

So one of the Goals,
to create a new relationship / partner,
for a guy around 70 years old,
and not so likely to just randomly find exactly what he looks for,
out of normal society around him,
should measure in very well,
for the efficiancy or failure,
when things go to show up for manifestation.

so far,
i can clearly sense a difference in my overall body chemistry,
as most likely,
my devil gene is starting to aligne changes that were introduced during that working,
and is currently opimizing my body for more extensive usage of that chakra.

I have some degree of practice and control on it already.

But Slytherin called me out on exactly that.

i have a sense of him often calling me out on things i don’t want to be in our conversation,
he very much haves that impactful, challanging aditude currently,
which i’m really not used to,
since few beings ever dare to treat me like that.

i can see it being a part of his way of teaching,
but also kind of reason in him being in a similar spot,
where few dare to treat him in certain ways.

Gonna have to keep an eye out on that end,
since i think both of us can deal a good punch,
and i’d prefer to that not being necessary.

So far,
he’s definately been clearly showing me up some more interesting teachings,
then just “muggles are worthless and need to be extinguished”,
even tho he kind of showed that aswell,
even if it was just briefly,
when i asked specifically about it.

i get similar expressions from him,
as from other darker beings,
like Satan,
before i knew the original Satholas / Satanas emination.

So i’m confident,
that those negative “offputting” expressions,
are as always,
challanges towards my personal aditude,
and how i act and react.

He’s definately in way seeking to get to know me,
and i’ve been told,
either by him,
or one of the other spirits i work with,
that he’s been calling upon Oberon (me, yberion - older form),
in his own world,
and that he indeed seeks to work more with us.

I strongly get his Teaching nature,
which i highly enjoy.




I totally and completely disagree with this point. They should be kept as a slave class and/or breed for magical purposes from their highest genetic samples. And their are good for energy food sample and for sex work too. Manual labor. Damn. Harvesting their worship of yourself too. Such short-sightedness. I am only referring to the world of the Harry Potter universe.

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Ummmm tell me we are not actually serious about using “he who shall not be named?”


Well but that’s exactly the point.

The big issue i have,
is they live in hiding from the muggles,
almost as if the slaves were more important than their masters.

I mean,
to the most part,
Magicians aren’t constantly hunting them,
but the Magicians actually having a ministry that sends people to prison because of having had muggle witnesses on casting a spell - ANY SPELL, regardless of evil or protective or neutral in manner - indicates quite some stuff been going wrong already.

The Old Statues clearly show Muggles actually being in their spot,
as servants,
not commanding or challenging Sorcerers.

Yet in the time we get to know with Harry Potter,
that is almost switched around completely.

from an Adversarial Viewpoint,
clearly challenges the current system of his time,
and not just that,
he actively changes it,
for as much as he can,
as long as he’s around.

And when i talked with him about it,
he had viewpoints,
of Muggles being lesser beings,
basically because in his world,
and his view of the world,
that’s true.

In his reality,
a Muggle,
actually hurting or even killing a Magician,
is a huge frown.

Same as having Family mixed with them.

And those were problems,
he in his life had to face,
and cope with.

I just set a clear stop,
towards the moral debate there,
because Voldemort also has a pretty strong
“if you’re not for me, you’re against me” attitude,
which i don’t like,
and naturally disrespect in general.

Which again,
is part of my nature,
and for a good reasonable debate,
we both had to set some of that aside.



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Well, i kind of have the dubledore viewpoint there.

I’m fine with others calling him dark lord,
or “he who shall not be named”, however,
in overall board context that can become quite misinterpretable,
Since among Balg,
he’s certainly not the only dark,
nor the darkest figure.

as dumbledore puts it:
By buying into that spell he casted onto his name,
it’s being fuled,
and by being feared / frightened of a name,
that name gets more power over the fearful person.

i have absolutely no desire,
in giving away any of my power such easily.

Nor do i feel as if he deserves any of it.

Not because i’m direspectful towards him and his achievments,
but simply because he’s one of many figures and beings,
which can hold a record of horrific things.

there are harder hitting guys around here on balg. :wink:




Lol I honestly thought you were trolling about using him as an ergregor. I was just confused is all.


I have talked to the real spirit behind the Twilight books. I was trying to make a deal with him, but if fail through and the world got shitty ass 50 Shades instead. I have no idea way he preferred poorly written stories about him?


Well, understandably tho.

I wasn’t so sure wether it really makes sense to post about him,
but he kept insisting,
and to be fair - energetically he seems to know his stuff.
I had visions as clear as with Gatekeepers so…

At least he acts,
like he’s more then just a usual Egregore.

a lot of the stuff about lord voldemord in the books is pretty much based around puzzeling out his secrets,
and in a sense,
that is a reasonable aproach.

for that Twilight books reference,
it’s a little hard to know which spirit you mean specifically.

The authors spirit,
one of the figures within the books,
or the books as a whole,
which would probably be similar to choronzon and such beings,
a hive mind,
rather then an actual singular being.




Gotta count that one towards Slytherin.

just saw my Landlord and been able to give them a task i was looking to give them.

Interesting, that it also matches up with the stuff about mediocrity. :smiley:

“Taking the Mantle.”
Interesting, i’ve conjured the Cloak of invisibility when i was out on Friday 13th, and empowered it with sending out mirror copies of myself through the Olani spell, roaming through the city and mascarading where i’m actually at.

So that line kind of linked up,
aswell as Voldemord questioning me on my habit of Playing Video Game,
which it seemed to him,
to be a waste of my Time and Energy.

So i guess that’s another indicator here,
where he looks to better my life.




Further researching,
with him being by my side,
to aid my understanding further,
i deciphre:

R’Resh ’ ah ’ ch’razar

(Parselmouth conjuration that opens the Chamber of Secrets,
generally translated with " open yourself to me, in the name of Salazar. ")

Conjuration of the Basilisk:

With the left hand raised towards the Statue of Salazar Slytherin,
he spoke:

Salachaz andataz se Litherine

Which can probably used as the ENN,
for Salazar Slytherin (Original form.)

I had at least the idea of creating an enn for Voldemord,

but i’m not sure how well it’ll suit based on that little Parsel i’ve consecrated so far.

R’Resh ch’razar Vlozemorth

that should work out as an Enn for Voldemord,
but i have yet to further test it.

The Conjuring of the Basilisk,
along with the other signs recieved so far,
clearly indicate Voldemord to be a Left hand Path Magician.

Also noteworthy:

His normal casting hand (where he holds his wand),
is the right hand,
and he’s clearly not casting that spell with his wand,
which at that point,
he hold close to his belly (sacral chakra perhaps=?)

While actually conjuring with his extended left Hand.

Him using that posture,
kind of suggests a protective / absorbive quality of the spell,
but on the other hand,
various dark spells and curses in our system here are conjured left handed aswell.


Maybe it’s not that importend of a detail,
but then again,
i have to see the conjuration actually being performed by an evoked Voldemord,
to fully know the Energetic integrals of it’s mechanisms.

Unless i cast it myself,
and use my own bodies make up,
to find those details.





Seems i’m getting new Naighbours aswell. :blush:

The third year (book 3),
always had,
and kept being my favorite,
out of all of the serious on Potter.

he denounced his a-moral nature himself,
very clearly,
in there.

With the Map.

“I swear solomny, that i’m up to no good.”


Which again,
denounces the morals of the whole Series to be at least questionable,
and Slytherin’s house to not natrually be evil.

Snape hates Harry,
and picks on him,
so much,
for having been bullied by Harry’s Dad for example.

There are certain dichotomies,
J.K. intentionally left in there,
and placed at least room,
for interpretation,
and a different view and take on all of the stories,
throughout the book series.


Does the old Topic,
from the forum before,
where we discussed re-writing the story with a take on Malfoys view,
still exist?

I haven’t seen it in a while,
and as far as i remember,
when trying to look it up,
it seemed as if it was deleted.

(or to stay with the old ways: Pruned.)

if we find it again or not,
Voldemort clearly denounced his support towards balg,
and has gone to great efforts on his behalf,
so far,
to make himself conjurable,
and also bring value to the table.

Just want to make that clear.



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Not sure to be honest, can you PM me anything at all you remember about it - old forum or new (to give a date range), who posted, any things discussed? :thinking:

Cheers. :+1:


Thank you,
i’m currently looking for it.

I do remember it being more a discussion,
a re-writing topic where each new post had to build on the last post,
and continue the story,
based on what happened in the books as a red line,
but with freedom of expression,
and Harry having accepted Malfoys friend request at the beginning of the books.

Seems i can’t find the original anymore.

In terms of Date Range,
it should be around 2012 where the topic started,
if that’s wrong, i have 2014 or 2015 in mind,
which feels wrong,
because it’s to close ago.




I feel some crucial things need to be realized here if you wish to have extra credit for peaceful days for yourself.

Why would you do that in particular?
Do you feel it is a choice to pass on an attitude that has been passed on to you and feel is in alignment with what your heart truly stands for, or what you truly wish to stand for, in relation to yourself on a heart-level?

You mean like the attitude of the illuminati towards the rest of humanity? I wish to let you know beforehand, in friendliness though, that in the cosmos such choices based on external depencency come with self-enslavement, being the opposite of self-liberation and true self-sovereignty- but it comes with you ending up being treated the same. Actually you already are, whether you know it or not. As long as you don’t free yourself and become your own sovereign ruler of Self, you are already a slave on many, even subconscious levels. Also such choice either way aligns your reality anyways with beings that are ready to reflect that back to you in the cosmos, where at some point you end up in the same enslaved position anyways. Demons are ultimately for you to rule over yourself from the divine within, and to ultimately show you how you can ‘get your own food’ etc…; a sense of external dependency = attachment = self-limitation = limitation of your potential, freedom,…
It is different than to relate to creation from a sense of oneness.

Also, you are meant to evolve to be a cosmically able being. If you are dependent of anything in creation itself, you will never be truly free, nor be able to roam freely in the cosmos. Therefore enthroning your own godhood is the way to self-liberation, and self-liberation will also be your core message, just like all the spirits , demons angels that want to connect with us, show us, in essence.

If you want to be free, and have all your needs met in the best possible way without self-enslavement that is the seed of your own suffering or even self-destruction, you may want to see to it, that your ultimate goal is self-empowerment, rather than the opposite.
In so doing you can gain the wisdom to help empower others.

You never want to be on the side of enslavers…
They either end up turning around being a blessing onto life and empower others, or they end up getting rightfully slain themselves, because that is the response to enslavers anyways in the cosmos when they want to keep pushing it. You ever want to be on that side. Ultimately demons like Abbadon or Archangels like Archangel Michael ends up killing them themselves, which is what is bound to happen as a matter of timing when the Apocalypse will strike, which is soon enough. Depending on how far up into awakening humanity is, having gotten rid of all that is enslaving on this planet and negativity, what will happen will suck apocalyptic balls or not. I heard from a spirit living in 4D that in 2020 the veils would fall, and from another psychic friend of mine that it may be in April.



and hermes,
when pointing out the illuminati reference,
i couldn’t ignore,
how the whole blood status thing on the wizarding community in the book system,
sounds very, very much like german nazi system of “arian descend”,
where people had to confirm their anchestries purity through confirming several generations back aswell.

that’s far from any form of freedom or liberation,
in fact,
it totally shows,
how oppression is created.

After all,
the main concept of it is always based on,
“being better by birth”,
which great people like Timothy,
have clearly disspelled,
and explained how flawed of a concept that clearly is,
when seeking a system,
in which people can actualy develope according to their talents,
their capabilities,
and capacity.

And as E.A. explained so nicely:

For every Guru,
and Leader,
who considers initiation to be a crucial necessary step,
there haves to be the question:

How can he have the sole right to initiate someone,
if he himself,
must have learned what he knows somehow.

it’s indeed,
a pretty difficult topic.

As it also expands to our understanding of property,
and ownership.

to be fair,
is claimed,
most of the time,
and when examining closely,
you could argue,
that most things " owned ",
must have been stolen,
before declaration of Ownership,
to be possessed by anyone.



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Okay cool, I’ve got to leave your PM unread for now because I have other stuff to do and not really in the right frame of mind to look for this, bear with me. :+1:

Everyone is someone’s “muggle,” but Voldemort did nothing wrong. :fist:


Thank you,
it was merely guessing,
if that old topic might still be saved somewhere.

I personally think,
through the change of the Board,
it wasn’t kept.

Thank you,
nevermind it.

It’s alright.



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Can always chat with me instead of video games

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