Avada kedavra

I must say that this formula works:

  • Avada Kedavra -

Aramaic? and means let the thing be destroyed.

Did you guys try it too?


If you mean have I tried using it Harry Potter style, then the answer is no because their version of magick doesn’t work like that in real life.


I tried as well also didn’t work, well i least i tried.

Hey, I read that Avada Kedavra is Aramaic and means: I destroy as I speak.
Abrakadabra on the other hand means: I create as I speak. I hope it helps. There have been archeological findings of talismans with Abrakadabra written on them. They mainly were worn as protection against the evil eye and black magic.


Abracadabra has more weight than a made up by some idiot who fails to understand the works of magick. Don’t destroy as you speak, create as you speak, like create misfortune to your enemies, or create plagues to leave your opponent vulnerable. I hope you understand my point, and to answer you: NOPE! I never take works of fiction serious enough to try, mostly because I know it won’t work.


Well it is probably still a weak egregor. Next month i will do some energy workings with a very powerful Chaos witch maybe we put on our agenda this egregor too.

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From a historic stance the phrase Abra Kadabra actually comes from the God/Demon depending on your views, Abraxas. Its an invocation of him pretty much. But it is much more than that as well if you look deeper into the origins of Abra Kadabra. It’s also used as a way of healing and is often inscribed and written on Abraxas stones but the gnostics. It’s also a corrupted form or is speculated to be the corruption of the Egyptian phrase “Abrak Sax” which means “hurt me not”


Abraxas as a demon

Abraxas as a God

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