Lord clauneck

If I would scratch the sigil and spill blood on it, And would I be successful if I recite your hymn, I’ll just say I want to quit my job and get a much more lucrative job, I don’t know how to banish it and where to bury or burn the remains after I finish the process.I’ll be the first and I’m determined to do it now,

I cannot attest to the efficacy of Clauneck in this instance but whatever methods have meaning to you, do that. You can burn the sigil anywhere and bury anywhere but places that relate to Clauneck might be better/more effective. Learn the LBRP for banishing or Sword Banishing if you dont mind angels.

I would advise doing more research before performing any sort of ritual as it is evidenced from this post and your other one that you don’t really know what you are doing. Rushing a ritual to get results immediately is a very effective way to get no results at all, or better yet, put yourself in danger. Maybe simply quit your job and use the few days that you have free to learn some simple magick techniques while you look for a job. Then perform a ritual simply to help you land the best job possible for you at this time. If you are not financially stable enough to support yourself for a while without a job, I would think again about quitting. Magick isn’t known for making drastic changes in a few hours time.