Lord Belial and King Paimon

I’m curious, I noticed you always say that King Paimon and Lucifer work together but have you noticed a connection between Lord Belial and King Paimon?

The only goetia who have willingly contacted me without me evoking / invoking them are Lord Belial and King Paimon.

I’m interested to see your perspective on this and what message I should be looking for them because of the odd combination of Goetia.

Edit : I should have said without me contacting them.


I mean, most goetia spirits seem to work together and a king working with a king is even more logical!


They actually work really well together


Yea I just really want to see EAs perspective on this.

They’re the first to contact me and I didn’t even attempt to do any rituals from the Goetia.

Like I said up until about a month ago, I was terrified of the Goetia.


Another thing I should add is King Paimon didn’t ask me for anything.
Lord Belial asked me to make a protective sigil and use my prana to charge it. (blood)


Yes. Does Belial ever complain about being referred to as ‘lord’ though? He usually claims he is Lord to nobody and gets agitated at it?

King Paimon and Lucifer obviously pair well. I have heard of King Paimon recommending Belial for certain things also.


He called me lord in my dreams, I figured I’d return the favor as a sign of respect.

King Paimon was the first Goetia to contact me.
Then King Paimon and Lucifer.
The most recent was King Paimon and Lord Belial.

I know it’s odd cause a lot of people seem to want to call him king or just by Belial but in my visions / dreams he called me “Lord” so as a sign of respect for helping me I call him it back.


They tend to do that, even Lucifer does that and some other spirits. Actually, mostly spirits talk to me first.

Another thing that I had a similar experience with. Just so you know, King Paimon won’t really ask for anything. But you should do an offering anyway!


I buried a 2 liter of mountain dew for him and a piece of silver.


Can very much relate.
Belial changed my mind on this. :slight_smile:


Mine too.
His energy was extremely inviting.

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Prana is not blood. Prana is intelligent energy that is housed in the root chakra.

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Depends who you ask.

I have worked with prana over three decades. Pretty sure it isn’t blood. Not that blood cannot be charged with it, however. Any siddhe will tell you prana is intelligent energy, entirely unique to the individual.

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Not directly no. Blood is a direct source to your prana. Why do you think Sanguine live off of it / feed off of it and use it in their rituals?

It is literally the most basic connection to your own energy.

When I charge a sigil with prana, I direct it out of my fingertips of the right hand and trace the sigil with it.

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Okay, I know nothing about prana or biology.

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Woe am I to speak of training under real siddhis. shrugs

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When I do it I let the sigil wash over me.
Might be why we have different practices of how we do things.

I don’t use my hands as in terms of passive / aggressive or feeding / releasing.

I open my theta wave trance / third eye and meditate on the chant provided in the Goetia.

Blood is only an offering if I see the image of drawing my own blood. I’ve only had it happen twice since beginning LHP but it was very common in Druid breath visions.


Just offering my insights man. Sorry that we disagree on how to use prana.

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