<< Loptr >> is the written incantation to call Loki

Hmmm… It seems in Internet are lots of persons with tattoos to honour Loki but a lot are appealing a random egregor.

The God Loki of the LHP community says his name is LOPTR and that is his written runic form. Why? That’s why:

LAGUZ = Vitality, New situations and beginnings, power, excellent news

Othala = prosperity, freedom, gifts, family, ancestry

Perthro = divination, mistery, Ascension. Is a very special rune

Teiwaz = victory, legality, marriage, contracts, new work

Raido = expansion, magic, ritual, trips, voyage, clairvoyance, clairaudience

The other Form, the one of the random egregor, lots of tattoos and pacts in Internet is written as Laguz, Othala, Kaunaz (regeneration, transformation) and ending with the rune Isa meaning cold, death!

The runes are not a game, is a magical System. Is to be used wisely!!!


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Loki as written incantation Loptr (Laguz, Othala, Perthro, Teiwaz, Raido)

Interesting post @Rav

I have a ritual / meditation I wrote years ago for a (my) 5 letter Runic name. Since this LOPTR also has 5 letters it could be used in it.

The letters are assigned to the pentagram, and by either following the lines of the pentagram or the surrounding pentagon you meditate / visualize / create an understanding of the way how the one letter / concept influences and or shifts into the next.
I find this is best done laying on the ground in a starshape, being the pentagram yourself.

Years later I read a Feri ritual that is similar (the Iron Pentacle)

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I’m not seeing the problem? Of course Loki has a death aspect, doesn’t mean that’s a bad thing.

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How totally awesome!!! This is a truly powerful spell!!! :fire:

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