Looking to work with Lucifer

Hi! I tried to work with Lucifer before, and he always made me speak in tongues. It felt like I was downloading information when I did that, although I wasn’t sure what it was…i even made a song.
Then later maybe a few weeks after that (all this was in early spring 2020) I started being very spiritually open to all sorts of experiences, except it got to the point where I ended up in psychiatry, oops lol.
Anyway I had very good experiences with Lucifer in the hospital. He gave me so much energy that I was on two injections every day and I still couldn’t sit still, but my sleep was very good.
Later that all sorts of things happened, I felt bad, I felt betrayed, I got psychic attacks etc. Ended up becoming christian again for a very shoooort time, as a coping mechanism, which I regret. I should’ve remained stronger and I am ashamed because it might just have been a test that I failed. Now I realise suffering is an inevitable part of the path and it should be embraced and loved.
So I am wondering, who is Lucifer? I don’t know where to inform myself before working with him again. I want to be fully informed about him because I really respect him. It’s just I’m brainwashed because of culture and some friends told me all demons are liars, which is FALSE because vibes and energy never lies, you can trust vibes and intuition and Lucifer is very kind to me always even when I wasn’t able to work with him due to illness and weakness of my spirit which I am ashamed of.

So what should I do? I’m kinda looking for some guidance from you guys. I would like Lucifer to be a teacher to me. Or not even a teacher just a friend who gives advice. I want to be able to trust him. I want tp rekindle my love for him but I’m in a terribly bad and tired mood all the time and my psychic abilities closed off and it’s harder. Looking for some help thanks!


I really think you should check out some other threads about Lucifer, since we have much info on him. Especially Kendall’s threads.


Okay. :slight_smile: Thanks!

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There’s some great topics on here to help!

There are various traditions/paths that work with Lucifer, so I think you will have to do some research on the way they approach to him to find what best suits you.
Start off by broadly Luciferianism , then move from there.

There’s mentioning of Lucifer in the Ars Goetia and Solomon stuff, and in Demonolatry, but I don’t recommend you follow that just yet because from what I understood your mental health isn’t at its best right now and that can mess you up quite a bit.

There’s a book by Michael W Ford called “Luciferian Witchcraft” and another one called “Beginning Luciferian Magick” that may interest you.

It all depends on your experience with the path so far, and what you feel you relate to. It’s worth reading around and having an overall good knowledge on things so that you’re more informed when it comes to making a choice!

Good luck, and I hope you’re feeling better!

Another good way to work with him is to work with his kids. He has many. Here is the link to one recently known son. Ask him if he has any kids, who want to work with you.