Evocation guide for Prince Ragnvaldr

Ragnvaldr is a son of Lucifer, a wise and powerful draconic. His rank is that of a Prince, who serves under King Belial. He is protective of women and children. An excellent strategist, and a damn good teacher.
In my experience he’s a good friend who isnt afraid to call me out on my bullshit and stand’s by me when shit gets real. Do to demonic names not translating real good, he gave me a name thats alot easier to pronounce(thankfully).

Specialties-He excels at healing, pyromancy, negotiating peace between people, getting rid of ones enemies(Assassin), he can also influence others, Music(he can help inspire you musically, or just help you learn to play better)
He teaches leadership skills, pyromancy, healing, how to make wiser choices to improve one’s life. How to kill the current self and be reborn into a new and better you(can be very unpleasent but the results are worth it).

Colors-Black, Red, Purple, Silver
Offerings-Your time, meat, wine, hard apple cider, anything you like and want to share with him.

Element-Darkness(Racial element), Fire(Primary element), Air(secondary)
Tarot Card-King of Wands
Stone-Ruby, Amethyst, Obsidian, Lapis Lazuli

His human form is a man in his mid 20’s, light golden brownish hair down to his neck, blue eyes, tan skin. He may wear a black suit, black trench coat with black pants, or a black robe with a white necklace.
Draconic form is a black draconic in a suit or whatever he feels like wearing.
So evoke him and let’s see the results down below! :smiling_imp:


Hey @Yberion, @Xag_Darklight what do you think of Prince Ragnvaldr? He seems to be a rather interesting Prince.

I do think I can perhaps get some other hidden demons to step forward if they choose later on.
Im hoping everyone will post there experiences and see this project grow.


I almost forgot :joy:
Incense-Sandalwood, Palo Santo, Dragon’s Blood, Copal

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Bumping. If anyone working with Prince Ragnvaldr gets some gnosis about him, that they want to share please post it. :grinning:

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:thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


Lol, okay that is kinda funny, I had no idea that was actually a thing, and it’s wearing a top hat to :joy:. I’ll be the first to admit my drawing skills suck, I should probably find someone who knows what they’re doing, and have a more artistic sigil done for him.
It would make a good offering I think. Thank you for the laugh Prophet.

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I told people not to shake hands with Bill cipher during the real life cypher hunt. Now he is gonna bring weirdmageddon again.

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