Looking for "treasure"

Hello, thought I’d post on the money forum since it’s about material goods.

I’ve been trying to acquire some old niche collectibles from flea market sites. They’re not expensive, I’ve skipped a few lunches to gather an incomplete set. The problem is no one’s currently selling the ones I’m missing. A bit embarassed to turn to magic for this, but I figured why not :sweat_smile:

Did some research on similar posts, but they seem to manifest money to purchase what they want, whereas I need the very specific items to become available in the first place (and not get snatched!). I figure I should turn to LoA or a spirit who finds “hidden treasure”. Does anyone have experience or advice? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hmm I remember reading about quite a few Goetia demons that can do this but I can’t recall names atm.