Looking for symbol to meditate on

Hello everybody!

I was looking for a symbol to paint on the wall opposite my meditation station
Something to catch my eye or to focus on if I start wondering…
I was thinking of going easy with a simple upright pentagram but you guys seem to be taking symbols quite seriously around here and so I was wondering if there’s anything you can recommend me, ideally something that can empower me and charge me during my sessions.

Best wishes with your journeys

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Something that means something to you personally, with deeper meanings that cam be found through meditation, maybe a flower of life or merkaba.

The pentagram is good to, it has links back to Pythagorean/sacred geometry and the golden mean. You could prime yourself with ideas to muse on with youtube videos that discuss these. :slight_smile:

I myself use shamanic drumming to be good refocusing meditation tool, as my eyes are shut and I’m probably journeying or doing energy work.

Hey that’s a great tip, thanks!

If you’re in contact with spirits that you trust then channel a sigil for empowerment and put it there.