Looking for some long term advice regarding learning magick


I am at a place in my life where I am unable to practice any form of magick, except some divination due to circumstances outside of my control. I have no privacy to practice magick nor the time. When I leave this place I will be able to do magick. I am under the impression that I need to know everything there is to know about magick as a beginner very quickly because of the uncertainty in the world at the moment. Is it necessary to learn magick so quickly? Is learning magick a lifelong pursuit? Of the people that learn magick how many become advanced practitioners or average in their abilities? Or do people have unlimited potential?

I feel you, but I also feel there’s time. I suggest focusing on what goals are important to you right now.
Disengage from media for a bit to get clear and be able to focus without polluting your practice with fear - it will mess you up and slow you down.

Imo, no serious mage ever stops learning and seeking, there’s more to understand than the human system can hold, or than is relevant, tbh, and you will find ways to access that too if you keep on.

You don’t need privacy. Learn to meditate to focus your mind, and then build an astral temple for your magick. From the outside, it will look to others like you are simply meditating, even though you are communicating with spirits.

Anything worth doing should be worth doing well. Never stop learning, in magick or life in general.

Magick is like any other human skill, with some being naturally better at it than others, but everyone can improve at it with practice. Just as an average but disciplined athlete who works at improving their skills can become a superstar when compared with a naturally endowed athlete who simply coasts on his talent, average magicians can accomplish just as much, if not more, than a natural, through hard work.