Looking for opinions on a strange possibly demonic experience I had a long time ago

This happened in '08 and may possibly have been my very first contact with a demon, and I want to get some opinions from people more experienced in this than I am yet.

Long story short- I was leaving a store one night around 3 am and was followed very aggressively by a man in a green car who I felt was not human. At first glance he looked normal, but his eyes had exaggerated black irises larger than a normal human’s. They looked like those weird anime contacts that make your eyes look bigger. His stare was incredibly intense and unnerving, and after he chased me down the main street of my town, I pulled into the police station and his car disappeared behind the building and never emerged. It should have, the building was freestanding and there was nowhere he could have turned in once he drove past it. After the car disappeared, I called the guy I was dating at the time and told him what happened, I was really shaken up so he told me to come over. I get there and told him the full story along with a description of the guy & his weird eyes, and my then-boyfriend got real quiet. He told me not to freak out, but that guy was probably a demon he regularly worked with and he was probably just “checking me out” since I was a new person in BF’s life. He gave a name which I promptly forgot, but it started with an A and had at least one Z in it.

For years I felt this demon’s presence around me, and since I couldn’t remember the name my ex had told me, I called him Azrael for the next decade. Weird stuff happened whenever I’d talk about him to other people, I remember one time I was trying to write on my old blog about the experience and the browser kept crashing as soon as I’d hit submit. I tried it on my laptop and the whole thing just shut down when I tried to submit. I’d be thinking about him while browsing Reddit or some other forum and I’d see a username with Azrael in it. Just little weird things like that. I grew to feel kind of close to him and would talk to him regularly, always calling him Azrael.

Now that I’m legitimately getting into Goetia and demon magick though, I know that couldn’t be his proper name as Azrael is an angel. I thought it could possibly be Azazel, but I can’t find a whole lot of info on him. I’ve thought about contacting my ex and asking him about it, but he’s married with kids now and I know I wouldn’t appreciate my SO’s ex randomly messaging him after 10 years to talk about some weird shit that happened when they were dating. lol.

Do you guys have any thoughts on this? Any other names come to mind? I realize this is rambling and vague, but I’d like to properly identify him if possible and maybe ‘officially’ work with him.

Thanks in advance.


If it was watching for protection it probably wouldn’t want you rambling on about it, until now. You’d look crazy and in a sense hurt yourself. Get some candles and incense. Put out fresh water. Make the setting comfortable, try to summon and ask it.

@BadSanta I have been meaning to ask you for quiet a “long” time… Why do you refer to entities as “it”? Just out of honest curiosity , I would like to hear your philosophy. Cause it seems you treat entities, not as individuals ,but as means. :thinking: I could be wrong.

Alright, well I’ve come to this understanding of them. Many of them can shapeshift, so it’s hard to define them. On top of that they’ve inferred that every idea about them is a form of energy that can then apply to them. I say It because many take on multiple faces. Just as I’ve met Satan in 2 forms, the first was the monstorus description everyone knows about. The second was a humanoid being wearing a beautiful robe. Lucifer has done the same showing both male and female, there are some like Beezelbub that remains male or Naamah that remains female.

Thanks for the insight! You are absolutely right. Some people gender them according to the form they feel more comfortable with I suppose… I do this also lol

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This vision and thread should be entitled the Evil Eye! A gaze or stare believed to cause material harm.

This old vision is a warning to you that someone is distrustful, jealous and wants to control you. However, If when you turn around whatever is chasing you dissolves away then this shows that you have the power to shield and defeat these obstacles and malice and control your own destiny and path.

Visions use symbols to convey a message, the large green car and intense demonic stare of the driver indicate a malevolently jealous individual. The cliche of a “green-eyed monster” and “green with envy” are what this vision is trying to convey.

Your bf knowing about this demon who he regularly worked with indicates his involvement with love and attraction magic directed at you, hence the intensity of the evil eye of the demon and utter insecurity and jealousy of your former bf.

Other signs of a hex are your technology malfunctioning regarding the demon and solving your problems by documenting the vision and other events.


I thought I would add that you don’t want to summon this deity if your former ex summoned this demon to control you. You’ve hit upon the correct name Azazel according to the Jewish Book of Enoch a fallen Angel. Azazel appears in the Jewish tradition with a scapegoat rite; the name represents a desolate place where a scapegoat bearing the sins of the Jews during Yom Kippur was sent to purify the tribe and as a sign of contrition.

Azazel does not appear in the Lessor Key of Solomon or the Goetia. I take it that your still suffering some of the effects of the hex and want to shield against it. Try a reversal casting.

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This is super interesting, and not an angle I’ve ever considered but it makes sense. It’s weird cause that ex only ever treated me with love & kindness, now that I think about it he was a tad jealous of other guys though. He also contacted me continually years after the breakup too, and now I’m wondering if me feeling that demon’s presence long after the breakup was his way of keeping tabs on me. I stopped feeling the presence around the time my ex got married.

Regarding lasting effects, I’m not sure. I have struggled with jealousy of my own in recent years but I chalked it up to being cheated on by other exes but it seems to have started shortly after all this happened. I’ve had a very long streak of bad luck in relationships over the past decade and I never even considered that any of it could be due to a hex.

Seems I may have some work to do now.

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Its always the person you least expect. Did the vision of the green car over ten years ago start with the break up of your bf, I am assuming also that you broke it off with him?

No, we had just started dating a few weeks before actually. We broke up amicably several months later mostly due to different life directions, I had no reason to think he’d hex me in any way.

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