Looking for ideas for selling various items, no evocation

I am selling various items, some very large and valuable, others small and inconsequential.
I do not want to evoke or ask a demon for help.
I would like all of my items to sell at the price I list, and quickly.

Methods? I am looking for a way not to have to do a spell for each item since some of them are clothing and books.

Every idea I come up with has so many variables and issues. Hoping you guys have the spark of inspiration I seem to be lacking atm.

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Something non magickal… post on multiple websites.

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Well you could try stacking magic aimed toward increasing the sales on all the items. One idea I came across from jason miller’s work on planetary magic has a suggestion using all 7 planets in a 2 week period to have each targeting a different aspect related to the situation.


Check. I shall do that! I just seem to have the hardest time actually selling ANYTHING. I’ve had my vehicle listed for months, same with many other items.

Before I relist the old items and list the new items I want a magickal boost for all of it! I want the confidence that when I say $X I will get $X, not in 6 months, now. And people won’t flake , they will buy.

The way things are now it would be easier to just give everything away for free and to say fuck it, but I know there is a solution.

@Dinmiatus I see what you mean, yes I could definitely do that, perhaps along with candle magick? Or charging some sort of oil and anointing all of my items. idk, these are the sort of ideas that have crossed my mind.

Or something like a shield, but not a shield, over all of my stuff. Maybe a sort of compelling glamour that says to people “You want to buy me! Now! For $X!”


These can all be combine with planetary and elemental magic. Just a matter of getting the combinations that are geared toward your goal.
I see it kinda like cooking or mixing chemicals in a lab only difference is instead of a dish of food or a chemical im mixing a manifestation.

Area of effect is the term i think your looking for and it works quite well. Something with mercury (business and commerce) and the sun (success and illumination) may be able to provide this trait. You could combine this with command oils and herbs for the compelling effect.


There are money magnet spells, using actual magnets for sympathetic magick.

Planetary talismans work and you could use phrasing that includes things like “You want to buy me! Now! For $X!” though maybe worded from your POV, or that of the buyer.


Your situation sounds very similar to a story i posted in that magical success stories thread of mine. Basically, the guy had an old car that he had listed for 6 months which simply would not sell. He did a sigil working with a planetary square as @Dinmiatus and @Lady_Eva are suggesting here. 2 weeks later he got a buyer that was insanely obsessed with buying the car. I imagine you could do the very same thing. One sigil working with the intent to sell all the items you put up online


Yeah one for all, perfect! I will check out that post! I knew i should have checked your success list.


Create and charge a chaos sigil for the sale, and incorporate that sigil innocently in the photo of your ad. When the ad is up release the sigil and leave the situation alone until your item sells. This one works well on Craigslist.


Put a little blessing on each item so the higher levels of the person viewing it feel intuitively that something GOOD will come their way from the purchase.


Try ebay etsy sho. Mercary offer up. Amazon. Oh a garage sale