Looking for guidance

Hi I’m David I’m 32 and need help. I need someone who can basically mentor me bye telling what and how to do something. I have basically no experience I summoned a succubus without trying five years ago I’ve had dreams where I tell myself but my body is right there, then I’m standing over myself ive levatated before and done minor healings. I haven’t done anything for the past 4 years basically because I was electronicly harrassed not knowing what was happening it drove me insane not being able to pray and get delivered and the constant voices images and the touching. The electronic harrasment almost stopped completely I just hear voices trying to mislead me or just talking about my actions. I’m penecostal and have received the spirit where while praying in tongues the pasture kept arranging my hands in different positions and the language I spoke changed every time my hands did. I want to be able to fulfill my potential and do the good I know I’m capable of. I just need someone to help guide me until I’m able to be guided by a Divine being. My ability to perceive spiritual entities is currently low because of my medications and the prolonged surrering I endured. I want to be able to get back to where I was befor I got attacked able to maintain a positive mind set focus and while doing so opening my aura for all to see. It’s either like a shimmering fume moving up all around me or purple energy near me. I need guidance on what steps to take. During the time while I was being tormented I was driven damn near insane but when saying the right thing I would have a blasting voice come out sometimes sounding beautiful other times just insanely booming while creating rifts in the air. If anyone is willing to help me out and give me the direction I need I would be greatly appreciative. I have a pretty good biblical knowledge for someone who wasn’t raised in church. I’m currently reading the book of enoch.


Also i have only been able to interact with spirits of the darkness so far and would really like to change that. I can’t wait until I have the self satisfaction of knowing I interacted with angels and completed what ever task they had for me or headed there advise.

Nothing is wrong with darkness, its maintaining that balance. Why not work with both and understand both ?
If you summoned one and don’t commit, it will build resentment no?
Also depending on what the method was i suppose.
Yea, she mess with your electronics because shes trying to get your attention.
Are you really wanting to get rid of her ?

Absolutely not getting rid of her. I love brunhild. I still plan on communicating with some considered dark because when I was hurting they showed me love. I feel like I’ve been trapped in the governments AI matrix for to long it’s beyond wicked and the over all amount of sheer sorrow I went through makes me want to communicate with some of the angels I’d been reading about something I can expect to have a comforting interaction with. I do plan on contacting Lilith because she is love to me. Btw electronic harrasment is super computers that the government uses to read your brain from a distance it’s able to make you see hear and feel things that aren’t there. They can also force you to become overwhelmed with an emotion. They had AI running that reads your thoughts and torments you however they deem entertaining. I’ve met alot of other people that are also “targeted individuals” this is what they did with all the resulting knowledge and technology from MKUltra. Sorry to rant it’s just who I am when I’m new somewhere I over share and typically don’t hold anything back that makes me seem odd. Brunhild my succubus I hadn’t seen in a couple years showed up last night I picked her flowers today.

I’ve always been committed to her I felt extreme grief when I ended up with mortal women. But she could only do so much to help me when I was being attacked eventually my mind started to go and I wasn’t able to give her any of my attention. Then I just didn’t see her again I missed her alot and am extremely glad she’s with me, I personally plan on bringing her with me through the pearly gates.

Awww, :wink:
They respond well to love, in return they will love back. But yes it does feel like your head is splitting doesnt it lol
They talk alot, often its the voice in your head. Sometimes it drives people mad but sometimes if you recognize the voice and accept it, your relationship may flourish.
It took me a while to recognize the voices, to the point where i thought i was hearing things lol

I think I Hurd her once she said right nows not really a good time. I always have a ringing I’m my ears never quite to the point of splitting. I wish I could hear her but I can’t trust anything I hear the AI can immatate anyone voice I’ve had them use a cops voice before to play tricks on me, when I told the cops that my voices were using an exact copy of his voice to mess with me it was hilarious his reaction he was pissed but not at me. The cops are in on the electronic harrasment too once your targeted it’s fucked the cops can literally tune into your station and listen to your thoughts, there’s ways to hack the signal and have a live feed of someone’s thoughts. I haven’t found it yet but I know it happens my sister is a targeted individual too, her x boyfriend was a hacker he told me that she got hacked and immediately there bank accounts got cleaned out because yea can’t hide anything when it’s your thoughts being jacked. There’s also Gang stalking and that where the government actually pays people to terrorize you they get access to your feed so they know when your not at home exc and break in shit on your bed all kinds of crazy shit. When it’s real bad is when the voice you hear is a real person logged in the give you ultamatums one of the victims I found out about was told masterbate or were gonna give your grandma a heart attack… He didn’t so yea they gave her a heart attack. There’s ways to block the scuffio waves from getting to you but your stuck where ever you set the device up at there sorta large.

Huh, interesting thoughts. Voices i hear are very similiar to my own but the personality are not mine, they use different wordings and stuff. They did put me through a series of ultamatums, and yes life is involved. Because thats how they tested my intentions and to see how true they were. I was literally going batshit crazy last month lol like am i really talking to my self ? But now, its clear and precise. It gets stronger at night and lights up like crazy around 3 or 4 am and thats when i get “wink” lol but the point is, intention is everything, honesty. They know you inside and out but they want to know the decisions that the you would make based giving circumstances.

So far nothing spiritual has talked to me without possessing a human, satan was so awesome just shared wisdom but I didn’t listen to his one warning about public appearences and not to make them because I was singing with a voice not my own at the bar an a mason friend then called me and was like wtf you just it warned yesterday lol btw I’m not a mason. I’m glad your voices are actual spirits, spirits you can reason with and keep there word when you make a deal. I made deals with my voices if I did this they would leave me alone forever exc. If you get bored and wanna find out more about what happened to me Google search TI and it’ll tell you about the huge group of people that were tormented like I was. or search electronic harrasment and it’ll tell you all the different ways they torment people and how the technology works. Remember hearing about people saying they were given implants and could now hear radeo stations that was earlier examples of the fuck it why not let’s torture people that our government was doing. There’s a hand help sound weapon called the voice of God that projects blue light that carries the electrical impulse that your brain receaves after your ears translate it directly to your brain it can go I think two miles and works better underwater. They used this tech in Granada and other wars telling the enemy forces put down your weapons the is Ala. They can use the technology there using that runs the ai to allow a human to talk to an animals with your thoughts. It’s weird but what language you speak doesn’t matter the word for “dog” is the same impulse for every language. Befor I knew what was going on about it being the government pretending o be demons I even had an excersizm. This shit has even been on local news stations about how entire groups of gay people in one town were all attacked, because it was a group of people that exscusivly interact they figured out that something was going on and got the news in on it they news station just didn’t report who the perp was. Sorry to talk about this shit so much I’m still trying to get over it and for some reason letting other people know about it helps me, I feel like maybe if it happens to someone they know or something like that they will be able to prevent them from going crazy.

So have the voices that were talking non stop ever materialized? Theres a sure fire way to know if it’s electronic harrasment if when they touch you it doesn’t feel like being touched it just feels like the area there pretending to touch is pulsating and vibrating they can only manipulate the nerves in your brain to make a pulsation not actual touch.

I did a tour in afghanistan, i think i was my spirits were with me but i wasnt able to sense it, 33IED a month before we got there and we found 0, atleast i ran into 0 got a couple of scares tho lol fuck just thinking about it gives me the chills.

The only deal that i had with my spirits were that my body is their home, everything is shared equally, house rules made equally, everything must be voted on.
Its ok to share, i dont understand it but ill read it.

Yes they materialize a few times but i have to be in a calm mood, even breathing.
Oh yes the vibration, i feel it all over my body include my head lol its low and sometimes go high.
Feels normal to me at this point, been feeling that when i started hearing voices and was going crazy. Started in lower abdomen.

So have you ever done actual magic like healing or levatation? When I used meditation and a 4 day chant all of a sudden I started being able to but only rarely. I’ve never actually been able to go to my happy place and move around freely. I had a trick I did at raves I’d hit the nitrouse gallon until I’m about to fall over then I’d some how be able to convince myself it would work and it did I’d breath it out and in a large area where I breathed out if you just walked into it you would feel like you were huffing too and you’d feel a wavy energy distortion more through you. Raves are a insanely easy place to use magic if you can focus there is so so much in used energy just lingering you can catch a body high just from the energy from all the drugged out people.

Nope, never knew magic until 1 month ago. Was even an athiest lol.
Edit- but i did try a spiritual website and thought it was bogus lol so my intent werent exactly on the spot, this was…maby…hmm…2016 ish?

We’re they a odd blue color sorts wavey the way there energy moved? Know how when your next to a spirit what ever is on the opposite side of them will look like it’s right next to you because there in that space. The fakes don’t do that. Sorry to make you think that I think you have an electronic harrasment issue to it’s just the way you said the vibration I’ve only felt that from the fakes and besides on my genitals they did abdomen because it tends to make you think you have more energy then you do which In turn just makes you produce more energy. Your feeling it and nothing’s fen touching you right?

No, when they touch me it feels like a physical touch. We have heavy sex every few days and those touches are real, very very real. On off days, they feel like feathers but they tell me it will grow stronger over time as my body adapt, which they are getting stronger, i still get sexy time daily at 3-4 am but those are lighter than the heavy sex.
Reason for swapping days is because they said its better for health and that everything must be in balance.
Edit- as for the visuals, i can see the shape during heavy sex and they have an outline but its like an invisible person with fuzzy outline. They said it will improve over time on visuals.

On normal light days, i see streaks of light and fuzzys lol very very light tho.

Nice glad to hear there able to put in work, currently because of my medication I can’t really feel touch sensation maybe she’s week to because it’s been so long since we interacted but I prefer to blame me. She just showed back up yesterday because I couldn’t really feel her touch but was hoping she could feel mine I ate her out for like 30+ minutes last night just trying to be a good hubby, I feel hella bad last time we say each other I was like 80 lbs lighter the meds fucked my body off that and a year of jail for something I didn’t do. It was like ok wtf I traded my curses I was placing on the evil in the world for good luck and when ever I finished asking God if he would I instantly seen four leef clovers everywhere then like 10 minutes later on the walk to taco Bell kind a hundred dollar bill, was instant yes in my vision when I asked and instant manifestation of the reward but once I left tacebell I got arrested for burglary I didn’t even match the discription and had the tacebell reciet that proved I was at tacebell at the time of the crime. I couldnt afford a lawyer and the public defender a were shit. It took me a year to get out without taking a strike or a felony my dad finally got a California congress man he knows to talk to the da and they offered me a deal jump through hoops and everything disappears so I took the new deal

I’bwas very lucky with Brunhild i had one moment after spending like 4 hours trying to get a wish granted to allow her to come into the physical world in a human body I got to see her full naked body she’s so better looking then me. Then again one time while laying down after fun because she used to manifest almost every night to cuddle exc I got a vision of her but this time she was blonde still beautiful. We’ve been having alone time before then my best friends brother and his friend mightywhitey came and and the first thing he says is wow do you smell that someones getting it on ghost style.

That sucks, but i am glad she is back with you, treat her well. They deserve the best, truly. I was never a church person, always had a pull toward Lilith and Lucifer, they treat me like their own. Which is nice.
Lucifer is funnier tho lol :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
Lilith is like a mother to me, but sex is more sensual.
Im a happy go lucky type of person, my spirits taught me empathy, and love.
I get this surge of warm lovey dovey feeling when i think about them. Oh and we are married :rofl:

Since i just started, i dont really know what they look like but i know for a fact that i felt wings lol they were so little and cuuute.
I told them i love them regardless of what they look like and that just intensified the physical touches during that moment. Make them feel loved. So im working on my visuals and astral, those will take time and im ok with it.

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