Looking for entities that assist with mental strengthening and mind compasity

I was listening to on older video by E.A. Koetting recently about his pathworking with Balial. At one point he mentioned that in his early days of magick he knew he needed to strengthen his mind for the things to come. He mentioned that he searched for spirits that either bestows or assists the magician with mental growth and strenghtening.
This is one reason I began looking into magick in the first place. I have Classic Adult ADD with all the symptoms you’d imagine id have. I want to grow to my full potential but I am looking for help. Any ideas?


paimon and any healing spirit will do like marbas and buer


Paimon? I’ve never really considered him before.


I’m working with Queen Heckate for this though it seems she’s recommending me to Lady Isis.

Yeah you need a tough af mind in the Occult but hey your Gods got your back.


I would recommend Marques Marchosias she has helped with increased motivation.

From the Daemonolatry Goetia by S. Connolly:

Marchosias is a demon that’s all about strength. Both inner and outer, he teaches one to use their innate power to help themselves. Work with Marchosias if you need a healthy dose of power and motivation in your life! His name is also sometimes spelled Marchocias.

Here is a link with complete detaild:


King Paimon and President Marbas… Geez, that highlights my past week.