What spirit can help to build speech ability and cure speech disease?

I have a big problem with mental communication. I try not to swear and the more I try, the more the dirtiest things pour out of me.

First have a good banish and cleanse. Then try Paimon or Leraje.

Thank you! Honestly I don`t know much about King Paimon and Leraje. Can you describe Them a little?

They’re both in the Goetia.
A good book for contacting them is Goetia Pathworking by Corwin Hargrove.



Also this forum is over ten years old and most questions have been asked if you can get your keywords on point. You can find gems from members come and gone that won’t be repeated.

@Staratel Please answer the questions I asked of you in the introduction thread.

I did. Where I can find Leraje’s sigil?

In the Goetia.

Agares comes to mind.

Just search the forum or Google image search for “Leraje’s sigil”. As was stated earlier, there’s a wealth of information here in the forum and the search function can help you find it.