Looking for divination method specifically for protection against harm


I have been reading tarot for some time now but I find it’s a bit lacking, especially for what I’m using it for. I’m in the lion’s den so to speak, in a hostile environment, in danger, I’m not sure how to describe it so that people could understand. So the information I am seeking needs to be as accurate as possible, to protect me from potentially harmful situations and to prevent me from wasting any more time in trying to get away from this environment. I have to be vague to protect my privacy. And tarot is too wishy washy, unreliable. One day it says one thing, another day it says another. Are runes easier to learn and more what I would be looking for? I have a fast paced life so the divination needs to be easy to learn, but accurate.

Then something within you is what you seek. Energy work surpass this tarot thing! Scan, Read… that’s most reliable. It’s far better than Pendulum, Coin, Tarot…the problem people have with scanning is that they don’t understand the scan result at times, they couldn’t translate it because most scan results are proverbial.

For example you might ask Do I follow Jake to the party tomorrow, is it safe?
And the vision you would see maybe a dove that left its cage and flew around, then return back to the cage. Which mean it’s totally safe.

Or you may see a little kid jumping up, full of joy, the joy is so much he jumped up high and fell.
Which mean yes, it’s safe to go to the party as long as you maintain yourself, and drink responsibly. If you choose to party hard something bad might happen, if you don’t drink responsibly something bad may happen. But if you party ‘safe’ then all would be well.

So energy work is still the best I would recommend beside consulting a spirit. And it’s in you.

That’s it for me.


Then a scan or a reading might be the better option as @luxfero has suggested.

There is something about clairvoyant based readings, no one can really tell where it comes from but they are mostly accurate.

So, try this here substituting it with your question if you don’t yet know how to scan.
Click here:


- YouTube … This man gives a different form of Divination. He explains some of how to use it. He says in one of his books, that one can use their own thumb and index finger, and try to pry them apart, after asking the question, or stating a supposed fact. He says a person must be over 200 ( courage, integrity, truth, ) to use it, and enlightened people don’t go weak to negative stimuli. Might help