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My business partner is getting frustrated. He’s a few years over middle aged and he “feels” success is too far away. He continues to strive for more, but he keeps getting frustrated, and exhausted. He want to make it in the corporate world. He has things going for him, but he feels it isn’t fast enough. I’m looking for a solution to not just how he feels, but the situation also. What I’ve done for him he feels isn’t coming quick enough. I also feel that the speed and solidity he wants is out of my magick, at least that my feeling. I was looking for professional help but the price seemed to outweigh the value, Because I don’t make that much money. At least on what BALG offers. If anybody can give me ideas would be really helpful

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Lookup ba gua feng shui and make sure you’re complying with the basic rules in your place of business (includes home office) - I find this more reliable and effective than the traditional method, perhaps because that’s optimised for China.

Don’t go crazy buying cures, or books, you can find the basics online.

Consider a small idol of Ganesha and maybe Lakshmi beside the till/computer that you see your income on, ask them every day to please help you grow your business, and offer them some stick incense if you can, but don’t go crazy and spend more than you can afford, and end up resenting it.

Buné and Clauneck will both assist with business growth, I have more experience with Clauneck for this but Buné had other good reviews on here:

Read “Think And Grow Rich,” which is well and truly out of copyright and available online, also “Napoleon Hill’s Keys To Success” which I’m not sure of the copyright status of.

“Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Eker is worth buying 2nd hand as soon as possible, to understand how to handle money, even if you think you have none at all, if you have any coins or notes in your possession you need to read this. It’s actually like a working manual of the psychology of the energy of money itself, I found.


Lady Eva I’ve personally done all these things for myself. We don’t own a business together with a location and office. He has his way of money I have mine, and we put effort in joining them together to grow wealth. The problem is his state of mind not mine. He won’t listen to me when I tell him to stop getting frustrated and impatient. This is the problem. He looks at his growth being too slow rather than looking at solutions to those problems. I was going to boost his problem solving creativity and stimulate it enough to where he doesn’t have those feelings. But the outside world needs to change too and not just his mind.

I’ve thought of Bune, Clauneck etc. I’ve done an evocation of bethor and ELIGOS to assist his campaign and goals. I know it will happen but the speed in which it will happen is what he’s worried about. Any solutions?

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Some kind of crystal programmed to absorb and transmute his negative energy, I guess?

PM me the line of business you’re in, I may have some more specific ideas.

Usually its those who are constantly in a Trance… Fixated on the Future… knowing how to achieve that FLOW STATE will achieve success more easily.

Lady Eva, do you you have any detailed write-ups on Clauneck and giving any comparison to Bune? I would think with Money Entities like Bune, Clauneck, Mammon that they would specialize in different areas of wealth.


Not really, sorry, we have mainly worked with Clauneck for business and with Buné, my work has been more for ancestral work and necromancy. But Buné has other posts on here regarding money if you use search, also use the name Bim and Bime as they appear in the grimoires and I know some people have used that spelling. :slight_smile:


Thanks anyway. Perhaps this could be a Future Project as everyone can always use a good boost of Wealth. What good is a Warrior if they do not have a camp to go replenish, as well as a good warm bed and home to go home to.

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An important thing that comes to mind here is, ask the spirits what you can do about him. Each of the ones I named I know and trust, for example Clauneck can usually show you images of what needs to be changed, if the man has children or wants them Buné may be especially interested, if you explain he is running out of time, and Lakshmi would be able to tell you what the block is, and Ganesha is Lord of Obstacles.

I would be happy to share my experiences with Clauneck, just bear in mind that this is by no means canon. Clauneck is amazing for manifesting change through business ventures. When working with him he taught me (in his way) that money is a circuit. Your money “circuit” cannot grow larger until you clear out room for a larger amount to come in. What you clear out of it can be something as simple as a donation or a charitable venture (if you already have the cash flow to handle the hit) or the giving of your time (which can often be priceless). Nothing boosts business like the adoration of your clients. When working with Clauneck you must show respect. For me, this includes appreciation and respectful communication. I actually give him offerings of copper and silver, and in a way I can never realistically get them back by my own means. I have also had good results by occasionally adding to the offering a coin or something else of value for his Duke This is a kind of literal, physical sacrifice to mirror the clearing of your personal money circuit as I described above. He does not like lazy or foolish endeavors if he is going to manifest in a way that comes as a boon, as opposed to teaching you a rough lesson that you can learn from and benefit from later, as he does do occasionally. I have had both occur. On many occasions Clauneck has rewarded me by boosting the effects of my own blood, sweat, and tears, in the form of increased sales, new customer bases and profitable networking. On several occasions I was a lazy, unmotivated shyte, and the results were in accordance with my efforts. He can hit hard, lol, but I have no regrets. The harsh lessons to be learned will often make me the most money, provided I learn them. If you are an entrepreneur this should not be off-putting for you. Clauneck is a Sun spirit, and appreciates those who take advantage of the opportunity to burn daylight. In other words, be an early riser if you really want the best results. Many people say he likes cedar wood, but I have found 50/50 sandal wood and cedar needles with some chamomile works well, too. If you are going to work with him I would suggest maintaining a habit of offerings to him even after you manifest your will. If you do not he will take this as a sign of disrespect. I have not tried an offering of gold yet, but if you do, let me know how it works for you. I give him silver because that metal is more personal to me and I hold it at a higher value, so it is more appropriate in my case.


I have a lot to say on this topic as I know several individuals like the one you describe. But I won’t say much out of respect.

I can honestly say that Magick can only do so much in this aspect. It is enormously difficult to open someone else’s mind when it is already sealed shut or extremely narrow to begin with.

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