Looking for a reading

Looking for a read need to find things about myself if that’s fine?

I can do it! I’m not able to do pms on my own so go ahead and pm me!


Hi. I’ll be the middle man and invite both of you guys to a PM, and then remove myself from it, seeing as you’re both basic users. Look for the green bubble by your icon shortly

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Can I have a reading too?

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If u dont mind can i get a reading too

Yes! Just pm if you can!


I’m here I’m ready when you are

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Check your PMs @Comicskullman, you were added to one with @Kirin a few days ago. You’re both basic users, so neither of you can initiate a PM, but it’s there already

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Or maybe she can just do it here? Up to her

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I need your question with your initials and zodiac! Sorry for taking so long!

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I’m willing to do a reading too, I can’t pm tho so I’d have to be added to one.

Can I pm you if you like

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Just a reminder we have this rule for new members, proceed as you wish with the PM but be aware this has been an important method of preventing problems on here. :+1: