Looking for a magician for hire that lives in Austin Texas

Hello my name is Beau and I’m looking for a magician that is located in Austin Texas to do a in person spell because I’m trying to sell my soul to satan or another demon in exchange for the three things that i want so if you’re interested then let me know please and thank you

Welcome, please don’t forget to make a proper introduction as outlines in the email I sent you.:slight_smile:

The official BALG ritual for hire page is here:

You will likely be advised that you don’t need to and can in fact not “sell your soul”. What you can do is make a pact, but you don’t need that either.

But doing workings for the specific things you want, that’s not a problem.

This forum is for people learning magic to do this work for themselves. It’s possible some could reach out, but please know that BALG does not endorse any professionals other than the BLAG official contributors.

In case that happens, please be sure that they have been here at least three months, and that they have a decent post history here so you can see for yourself they know what they are talking about. Do flag anyone not respecting this very important forum rule, ok? It means they may be a scammer and we don’t need that here.


Do you know any become a living god members that live in Austin because on there Etsy page it says based in Austin Texas

I wouldn’t know, sorry… This is just a discussion forum funded by Become a Living God.
Nobody here is authorized to speak for Become a Living God the publisher.

You’re best off using thier Contact form to make enquiries.

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The BALG Team member that handles that doesn’t do ritual services through the site. They do more of the handling and such. That’s all I will say on the matter.

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Does anyone know anybody that lives in Austin?

Not right now, it seems.

You’ve posted this request enough, anyone who’s around will have seen it.
Maybe in the future someone will log in that meets forum rules and is interested, but you need to have patience, and I’ll be honest, it’s a long shot.

This topic is going nowhere, I’m closing it now.