Long time no talk

Hello, havent been on for a grip. Miss posting and reading. I had a really good job for a few weeks working a laser engraving printer company… got fired for something really dumb. Guess it wasnt meant to be. Now im at home most the time and yet again needing to find another outlet. I need a steady income, tired of getting fired all the time.

Would be nice to have my own buisness and my own hours. I dont really know where to start, but on a positive note, things have been much less hectic in my life. I have plenty of time on my hands. Kinda wanted to shout out and say hi.

Hows everyone doing? Open to suggestions and hellos, kinda wanted to get back on here again for intellectual conversation and sharing of ideas.


I don’t know who are you, should I know you?

@MagusOfGamaliel I use to post on here a lot, been off for a long time, just saying hello. Passionate about open minded conversation. Was seeing if anyone i use to talk with popped up, also open to new folks. Im not a self proclaimed master of anything, just looking to learn new things and talk with likeminded people whom think outside the box society tries to force upon us. Nice to meet you. :wink:


I’ve been here for some months and a lot of people have left, so maybe the people you remember have already moved somewhere else or maybe changed their usernames

Edit to add: Some others are most active in humorous or miscellaneous threads

Has anyone else proclaimed you a master of anything?

@NeoFightTheNyophite outside the bedroom no, just a lot of people get on here like “yeah i am the real son of lucifer” or some similar bullshit thats obviously bullshit… youve read them im sure. Know bullshitters when we see em takes one to know one yada yada.

Im just stating that im not one of those, nothing too special about me, im a fucking drug addict (in a sober body atm :neutral_face:). Hopin to change that soon… any minute now…

reguardless of my fallacies, im still a deep thinker, i question everything about reality and am always interested in cause and effect of things.

The things in life that are difficult to explain are interesting and am always looking for words to discribe the indiscribable.


Heyyy…welcome back to the forum, you seem interesting, what do you practice/tell me more about your path?..
& the big 3:

  1. What is it you seek?
  2. What you risk/sacrifice to accomplish your goal/obtain your desire?
  3. What are you running from?
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Hello @TheBlondeBrujo hey thanks. ve tinkered with a grip of things out of curiosity and because i find the idea of “thoughts create vibrations that create reality”. The world is too trippy for me not to be kinda stuck outside the matrix. Just the double slit experiment and quantum physics leads me to believe that reality is subject completely to ones thoughts and emotions. Ive come to the conclusion based off experience that everyones reality is playing out simultaneously and i feel like we are all part of the same system. Like time is relative and is just a third dimensional illusion keep us in a fixed system in which we experience what we call life. We make choices and learn and experience, thus basically feedin data to the greater system which is ultimately us. I believe within that system we can work it to our desires or demise.


This. Just all of this.

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Very nice answer

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