[LONG] An Analysis on Hereditary's King Paimon

So I know the movie Hereditary gets a lot of hate because King Paimon is made the bad guy. These feelings are valid and understandable, but that’s not really what I’m here to talk about today.

So I decided to get off my lazy ass and watch the thing on Amazon Video and I noticed that there’s actually a lot more thought put into King Paimon’s presentation than I thought.

Bear with me for a bit as I show you how. (TLDR at the bottom 'cause it’s long)

WARNING: Contains massive spoilers. I highly recommend watching it if you’re into scary movies. There are no jump scares, but the acting, sound design and cinematography are phenomenal and definitely worth watching.

Also, disturbing imagery inbound. Because horror movie.

Let’s start with the small stuff.

In the opening scene, we see a funeral service going on for the main protagonist’s mother, who is wearing a particularly familiar pendant in her coffin. It’s also made of gold, which is associated with King Paimon.

The same pendant is also worn by the main protagonist herself.

Speaking of yellow, the movie makes generous use of yellow lighting. While this could be a coincidence, I just wanted to point that out.

Anyway, shortly after, we see the family going about their every day lives.

The mother is a miniaturist.

The son is a musician, as evidenced by the guitar and the keyboard.

And the daughter likes to make dolls out of literally anything she can find, as well as draw.

The father is later revealed to be a psychiatrist

And the grandmother was said to do embroidery.

POP QUIZ: What is King Paimon frequently associated with? That’s right. The arts and sciences. Drawing, music, acting (will touch on this one soon); you name it, he’s got it. He also works on psychology, much like psychiatrists do. Psychology also plays a huge role in the movie in general. This all ties into how the family’s fates are intertwined with King Paimon’s.

Moving on, we get to witness the death of the daughter via roadside beheading.

Here, have a picture and suffer with me.

From there, the movies practically obsesses over disembodied heads. I know this is supposed to coincide with the family’s trauma of losing the daughter to decapitation, but upon further reflection, I think there’s more to it than that.

You see, certain cultures once believed that the head was “the seat of the soul” and the second half of the movie is about King Paimon’s soul being transferred from the daughter into the son.

There’s also a part of the head called “the crown” located on the back.

Who is known for wearing a crown? That’s right. King Paimon.

In the finale, there’s a shot where the cultists made a mannequin using the daughter’s head and put a crown on her.

(What’s that? You want another horrifying picture? Certainly!)

(If you look closely, you’ll notice that the crown is also yellow)

…Okay, I’m really stretching with the crown thing, but let me have this please?

Anyway, one of the things that caught my attention the most, was this line:

While King Paimon is associated with the west, he is also mentioned with being associated with the northwest.

Speaking of the cultists, in the movie, there’s a character who is revealed to be the leader of the cult and a former friend of the grandmother. The woman manipulates the mother into enacting their plans by pretending to be a mourning mother and grandmother herself.

What else does King Paimon specialize in? That’s right. Manipulation. He’s a skillful charmer and can easily bend minds to his will.

King Paimon’s name translates to “a tingling sound”; this movie also loves to use chimes and other “tingling” sounds.

In conclusion

I now wonder how much of this movie was influenced by King Paimon himself. The more I review this movie, the more I realize the subtle nods to demonology. I think (and I could be wrong) that the reason King Paimon doesn’t mind his portrayal isn’t just because of the recognition (and luring more people into the occult), but because of the amount of effort was put in to studying his correspondences.

And we all know that spirits love it when we take the time to research them.

TL;DR - Hereditary is secretly a pop quiz on King Paimon. (Or I’m overthinking stuff and I’m really just crazy)

EDIT: There will be more additions to this, because I think there’s a bunch I’ve missed.


I actually enjoyed the symbolism behind the film, more so the film just made me intensely sad for the daughter / grieving process. But it was interesting overall, I was hoping to see the son possessed and how he acted instead of cutting to the credits ( maybe there will be a second film ? )


Could also be that the writers did some quick online research on King Paimon. Vk Jehanum claims that his chants were used in the film, which would support this if true.


you know i wouldent be surprised that when when we make a movie, anime or series about a known spirit that they have a hand in its creation.


Curious since someone I spoke to today/last night, mentioned they recently watched it.

Guess I shouldn’t be surprised if the local empath, magicians, sorcerers, witches and the rest of us types of people are on tinder.


I’ve also studied that movie before, when it comes to the role of King Paimon in it that is.

Thanks for sharing and I do want to see where this is going. Perhaps you may find some really interesting facts.

I also get such a feeling.



By the way. If you really don’t want to meet her after all, based on her standards, I doubt she’ll be offended.

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This movie is very special to me because it startled my interest in the occult. It started a domino effect for me where I started researching about demons and one thing led to another and I ended up performing my first ritual. When I watched the movie with some friends of mine we all aggreed that the villain of the movie was not King Paimon himself, but his cult followers. Not only that but I recall my buddy saying “Why would I not summon him. This Paimon guy sounds pretty cool.” He said it in a jokingly manner of course but it shows the impression non-occultists got from the spirit through the movie. That being said, I am 100% sure that this movie got influenced by King Paimon himself to some degree.


You know, I wasn’t a huge fan of the movie myself when I first saw it but looking back at it now after reading this. It does make me wonder if he did have a hand at influencing the movie, as his popularity has seemed to spike from it. It makes me wonder about Pazuzu and the Exorcist as one of the producers was heavily inspired by Sumerian Mythology.


I mean, he works with the arts, so it doesn’t seem so far-fetched to me.


Great post! As I was watching this with my sister I had a feeling that this movie was the director’s subtle nod to King Paimon in a way. Aster made him the evil demon Hollywood likes to promote, but personally I feel there’s some deeper meaning lurking beneath the surface. Maybe it’s because I’m biased and fond of Paimon; but I saw the film as a possible offering and a thank you to Him of sorts? Because like you said, it brought more awareness to him for people who might not know anything about him or demonology. thank you for sharing (:slight_smile:
While I’m here I’d like to give a shout out to the great King Paimon whose been nothing but a positive influence and teacher in my life. HAIL!


I actually enjoyed this break down I never seen this movie so I get the jist of what happened in it but over all I’m extremely sure they did alot of research on King paimon like alot of work on researching him I wouldn’t be surprised if they guy that wrote it worked with king paimon him self


That’s what I’ve been thinking too.

I truly love this movie. Besides being my new favorite (and favs always get watched at least 10 times), it has also reaffirmed my desire to do more research on King Paimon. I have been concentrating on other demons of late, however i will be adding him to my deep research as i call it. And I do deeply research before I start calling on any great spirit/Demon. Thank you for your post, it is much appreciated.

I think the thing that annoyed him the most was the lack of King Paimon, because he always insists on that.


It gets a lot of hate because it is a poorly made film with pacing issues, overwrought acting, pretentious camera pans, CGI flies, spidermother and ridiculous writing. Tbh, I laughed at this film a lot.

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It’s critically acclaimed outside of the occult community. I was suggesting it gets a lot of hate inside the occult community because King Paimon is the villain.

You didn’t watch the movie did you?

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So you trust the opinion of paid “professionals?” That means nothing to me.

I did. I watched it last night, hence my post. It was also why I was able to list brief issues from the final acts of the film.

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I thought the film was a wonderful piece of art. The symbolism the correspondences etc very well done. I bought the movie.


I watched the movie twice and I enjoyed it