What did King Paimon think of the movie hereditary

Was he annoyed at normies making this trash movie?

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He mostly laughed…


Tbh the movie was a bit scary but king paimon would have porbably laughed at it xD

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Before asking questions that pop into your head, you might want to try using the search function. This questions isn’t original and there are many posts about it already.


Only thing which made me watch this movie was these scenes

PresentSophisticatedAntelope-max-1mb hereditary-62-gif-i-drive-her-up-the-walls-wtf-watch-the-film-saint-pauly hereditary-28-gif-charlie-loses-her-mind-wtf-watch-the-film-saint-pauly


Bro can people ask a question thats been asked before and get different responses from different people. Its a carnal sin around here.

Maybe because some people seem to be allergic to using the search function before asking a question. They want everything handed to them instead of putting a little effort into finding an answer themselves.

Asking the same question over again, one that has already been asked many times before, won’t get you a different answer. It’s just makes people repeat themselves endlessly and it gets tiresome.


Because you asked this I just bought it. King Paimon and I are going to watch it together right now. I’ll come back and tell you what I think and what he thought.


He doesn’t care.

Actually, the movie pays more homage to King Paimon than most people realize. I made a topic on the subject.


Search function? Has a panic attack and breaks out in hives

Lol sorry I’m being weird again.

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It was a good movie. At the very least it didnt treat King Paimon as a cartoon villain like most horror movies. Personally it was this movie that made me start researching about the occult and starting to do magick and working with demons


Well we both absolutely loved it! A fine feel good movie and did a great honor to King Paimon we were both ecstatic to see a happy ending as well. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Hail King Paimon! The sigil was slightly off but close enough. Had some nice poltergeist activity in the house during the film as well, a funny little joke on King Paimon’s part he knew I would get a kick out of.


I put this in one of my threads, but this is personally what I got.

( In regards to the movie Hereditary )

King Paimon :crown:: It is a little uneducated and misrepresents me as this callous and evil being.

Em :angel:t2:: Do you care for it?

King Paimon :crown:: No - I’m … indifferent. It misrepresents me, but I am used to this from humanity by this point.


I had once a weird but symbolic dream I guess, where I saw a vision or scene in my dream of King Paimon sitting alone in the cinema hall. He was holding a popcorn and watching hereditary with kinda amusement. I remember he said -“that’s pretty nice” but I’m not sure whether it was ironic or just joyful but I didn’t sense bad reaction from him. More as if he was interested but overall enjoyed in a funny way, I think.

That vision looked ridiculous at some point tho lol.


From what I understand, he thought it was kind of funny. According to one person on here, he made a joke about possibly being awarded an Oscar.

Wow, you’re back, I missed you, if you were wondering what happened to me, I was incarcerated for a while. They threw me in the slammer and I didn’t have any contact with the outside world. That’s why it seemed as if I just dropped off the face of the earth because in a way I did and it was certainly not of my own choosing.