dear all,

here’s the situation I’m in.

need your advice

i hv been a workoholic person for more than 10 yrs, during this i never paid attention towards my social circle :o:. At first i was like really focused on my career, and i loved my loneliness. i lost people whose ever loved or stood by my side, coz i ain’t gave my best. Now the time has flown and they moved on , and also I lost many of them due to my bad decision making.

Now I’m fed up of loneliness and I can’t give my best to establish new connections/relationship.

Some time ago, i loved to be alone, now the only thing i hate is loneliness.

i know it’s all upto me, but i don’t know how. (hesitation and loss of confidence)

i read so much on this forum, but I can’t find anything related to my problem.

do suggest .



This is one where you can use magick to do things like, make you approachable and hide flaws, but you have to get out and meet people in the spaces where they are.

A lot of people make freinds theough joint activity, like clubs and classes so you might lo look at the local paper or walk around town and look at those notice boards for people advertising that sort of thing. It could be volunteer work, a hobby class like learning to paint or craft, a hunting lodge, an adult education class, your local Rotary club, golf club, fishing or running… etc etc.

Just try these and go have fun and be pleasant and see what happens organically. If you don’t really like the activity keep trying new stuff until something clicks. :slight_smile:


I did,

i still do my best, but feels like i carry some sort of negative energy with me, and i think a lot. i get nervous unnecessarily.
And i really don’t know how magic works, all i do here is read .

I don’t think you even need magick for this. But if you pick up a meditation practice to start with, maybe something you do while you listen to positive affirmations you can clear some of that.

Taking care of yourself, doing some basic cleansing and banishing never hurts. his can be as simple as getting some bath salts and having a salt bath, setting your intention that the water absorbs and washes down the plughole away all unwanted energy.

I would say, don’t beat yourself up about it, put an emphasis on having fun and enriching your life. Let it be ok that you get nervous, it’s normal, noone can tell, and go to stuff anyway. The more you try what makes you nervous, the more familiar it gets, and less nervous you become as you get used to it. It’s hard to be nervous of something familiar, unless you’re doing extreme sports :slight_smile:

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