Lockdown alternatives for disposing poppets and jars for baneful work?

What are your thoughts on disposing as title states in these tricky lockdown times? I want to do the ugly stick curse by Reine Sharpe but I don’t think it’s a good idea to be driving at midnight to find somewhere to bury the poppet afterwards. Options I’m considering:
a) disposing it in the rubbish bin at the curb the night before rubbish collection and not looking back (my place is kind of at the crossroads)
b) keeping it until the next day and disposing it in a commercial rubbish tip with some other garbage drop off
c) late night convenience store rubbish bin
If option b, then technically I can’t cleanse my place while the spell is at home (unless I put it outside on the back porch)
What other methods are good? I think it’s dodgy to be driving late at night looking for a remote crossroads because are supposed to be at home, then there are cameras everywhere at cemeteries which is the other traditional method.

I never did the crossroads thing. I just make them out of biodegradable materials and bury them down the bottom of the garden.

You could also do a sky burial? If you make them out of fat and bird seed, the birds will eat them and carry the spirit upwards and outwards, Gobekli Teppe style. (Ancient ruins with evidence of a sky burial platform, where bodies were left for the vultures to clean and the bones buried afterwards.)

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Do another ritual perhaps that doesn’t require that , you should be able to find something with the same result .

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I’m doing some others too that don’t require it but also wanted to do the ugly stick curse and got all the materials

Okay I feel you , try it and see if it works , it may take time and repeated efforts .

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I like that idea but I’m going to use dume oil and I don’t want the birdies to get ahold of it. I like your alternatives :smiley: