Living hell

Hi there,
Sorry but i am going to blab about my life and myself. And sorry for my grammer aswell.

I am so much into occult science. But it’s not like, i have watched some tv drama or following trend. i don’t desire to be wealthy or popular. If there is something, i desperately need " is physical healing and some love". Coz since at age of 4 , i have been abandoned by all. Never able to make friends, career or any relationship. My parents are very workaholic, for them their work is worship. so i never got that chance to make moments or an emotional bond with them. I never experienced that motherly love or fatherly protection. I am living an isolated life from since my childhood. It’s like the universe wants me stay alone. The place i was living in was isolated too. No neighbour’s nothing. In school girls use to hate me for no reason. Whenever i tried to make friends. They just tried to bully me or make nasty jokes on me. That i m ugly and unworthy. Some of my uncles molested me. Nobody was there to protect me, so i have to protect myself by my own. I have been in some relationships but ended with betrayal or tragedy. In my career front, i am a very hardworking. So some people liked me and some hated me so intensely, that i had to quit my job. Being lonely and hated by my own loved ones. I got so much emotionally exhausted that i tried to kill myself, many times. But again failed. After quitting my 5th job. I tried in almost 80 companies. But rejected by all. I use to be a strong person. But so many heart breaks and traumatic events landed me to depression and self destruction. It’s like god has no mercy on me. So i started praying to my queen lilith. I cried to her so many times. In my daily routine, I meditate 2 times a day. Once in afternoon and at night alone in a dark place. But i never felt anything. I searched so many things online. Like Mantras and rituals. Even offered my blood to her as a note of love. But it seems like she didn’t want to talk or hear from my side. Universe didn’t want me to connect with anybody. I don’t know what to do. I have talked to several people about this and they also suggested me some fortune tellers and Padres. Who charges lots of money. But they don’t get my point, i can’t pay such amount. I am a jobless, emotionally exhausted person. I need a serious help. Can anyone help me out? If i annoyed you than i am really very sorry. I know it’s a boring post .



First off, whoa. There’s a lot going on there. I’m sorry to hear you’re where you’re at, and whats lead you there is no picnic either. I’m glad you didn’t take your life. Typically you’re expected to share your experiences with magick for your intro. How long have you been practicing magick? What spells have you done? What system of magick do you prefer to use or are interested in learning? From where do you hail?

Let’s start there, & we can get into that other stuff. Sound good?

edit Welcome to the forum, @Geet.

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Welcome @Geet It is a rule of this forum for all new members to properly introduce themselves, so please, as @Mina mentioned above, tell us about your any experience you may have in magick, like what you have practiced, and how long you have practiced, any areas of interest, etc: It is a requirement on this forum.

PS: I am going to move this to the proper section for introductions.

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Thank you for elucidating more upon your experience, and welcome to the forum.

It’s probably more likely you are just incapable of hearing her. Have you developed your clauraudience and clairvoyance capabilities?


Btw are you Indian?

i m geet, 25 yrs old women, i m living in delhi(india)


Lol didn’t see that


I am about to PM you …you can check that out.

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Ya, that might be the reason. Coz at the time of praying. i hear some voice whisper in my ears or in my mind that she is not interested in your prayers. She is not gonna appear for you. People abandoned you. Than why goddess lilith came to rescue you. I don’t know why i hear these voices. it does effect me at that point. But still i continue to concentrate and praying.

Yes i am.

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She is not gonna appear for you. People abandoned you. Than why goddess lilith came to rescue you. I don’t know why i hear these voices.

Sounds like a Parasite. Have you tried banishing?

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Ahhh… not yet. Is there any way to banish these parasites. Can you suggest me something? Please

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I am curious if you have “shani dev” and “mansa dev”, why you want to connect with them as satan and lilith. Clearly your culture is strong within you.

I will say that I am proud of you, for continuing this journey despite all your setbacks. You are much stronger than you give yourself credit for.

I believe that you are spoken too in much deeper ways than you realize at this moment. You need to rise up, I read a lot about all the things happening TO you.

So where did this person go? You mention this more than once.

I have so much I could say to you right now, you are my sister and I love you, and I don’t just say that to anyone either.

I extend my hand of friendship to you, and you are not alone in this.


Did you called me sister and love you :slight_smile::blush:
That’s seriously so kind of you my dear. I don’t know how to express my feelings into words right now, but I am feeling good. :slight_smile:
thankyou :cry:

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Thanks for your help buddy :blush::pray:

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That would also explain the isolation and weakening, parasites don’t want people to see them and be able to throw them off.

@Geet The search box up top right will help you find a bunch of info on here about parasites and various ways to deal with them.
A popular one is banishing and cleansing. If you can see it in your minds eye, you should be able to direct energy at it to make it uncomfortable and leave. Imagine the energy as fire, they usually don’t like that.

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Thanks for the information dear, i will look up for more details about parasites and i will try to banish it. :pray::blush:

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I am totally new to magic and everything
I live in new delhi as well.
Would you like to help me with magic and things?

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