Living Fire Burning Me Alive

I gotta say guys I have my apprehensions about posting this as I dont feel any words could quite give the experience justice but I need your thoughts on this.

I was jolted out of sleep and found myself in a state of confusion as I was no longer laying down, but standing.

Before I had time to make sense of the situation, I felt my skin begin to sting by my ankles. I looked down to see what it was and found I was standing on top of Myself… I was standing on top of my body and there were flames coming out of my stomach.

It felt like searing hot needles being driven into my skin, though it was bearable at first, making me wince and shift around. Then it began spreading up my legs, till it reached my thighs and up to my hips. By this point I choked back screams… the pain was getting unbearable and quick but I, for some reason, was afraid to scream.

Somehow I felt that if I screamed the flames would overtake me. So I stood there squirming picking up my feet and making these awful throaty and guttural noises. But despite my efforts to endure, the flames rose higher, up to my chin, now seemingly covering my entire physical body that was there on the mattress. I couldn’t bear it any longer… I started to scream and writhe and vainly cover myself with my arms. I wanted to collapse but the heat kept me standing. One thing that surprised me was also how loud the fire was… it was deafening and that’s not something I’d really expect.

My thoughts raced as I tried to understand why this was happening… why was this happening to me…? I looked at my hands and arms in horror as I saw my skin bubble and in some parts… melt off of my flesh, then reform only to start the cycle over again. I caught a glimpse of something through the flames, someone standing in the shadows of my room. Two eyes that reflected the fire, and a face covered by the darkness. I dont know who the being was for certain though I have my suspicions… maybe.

They spoke no words but communicated one thing that if I were to put in words myself would be: “This is what happens when you don’t let her out.”

FUCK if I know what that’s supposed to mean, but when he said this… I immediately became aware of someone in the fire with me? Or perhaps maybe even the fire itself had a “presence” or conciousness of it’s own, exploding from inside my own body and she was burning me up.

I just… I cant wrap my mind around it and it completely blows me away. I’m still trying to process what the HELL happened. When I acknowledged the fact that she was in there with me… I started to lose myself in her. I started to become flames myself as my flesh seemed to burn away completely.

The sensation was… release and bliss. A oneness and completion… sexual even? Theres so much I feel I could say about that moment but for the time being I’m at a complete loss for words. I do also feel that what I was working on right before I fell asleep that night may be correlated but I’m not exactly sure how it all fits together… I’m still processing. I’ve had one other experience in which I was set on fire, but this felt so incredibly different.

I’d really really appreciate your thoughts and interpretation on this. I keep most things to myself these days but I dont want to feel alone in it all this time.


Perhaps Her refers to your inner rage or the true you.


That’s quite the experience, I’m glad you shared. This may not be related to what you just went through, but during a working known as the Omnipotence Transformation I would visualize the skin falling from my bones and rotting, knowing that my time here in this body on this material plane was oh so short. This feeling, among others, I transmuted into pure power, the power to make changes in the world.

This was a 33 day operation, and sometime during the final week I experienced a spiritual cleansing and rebirth. I called forth the Leviathan, and I felt my body crack in two, like an outer shell had been gradually chipped away. I saw the two halves fall away, and there I stood, reborn in the waves.

There is a chance you may be experiencing a similar rebirth by fire. You should consult with your spirits about the matter, but if there’s any advice I can give, it is to embrace the process. Do not hold back. Allow yourself to be cleansed in the flames, let them burn away the impure parts of your self, and you will emerge stronger than ever before.

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Dreams of witch burning times?


In the lake of fire ritual the body is burned away to be reborn purified. Others (I think EA as well ) have been tied to trees and had their flesh flayed away and regenerate as well. I was eaten by a snake-like goddess and the acid burned my flesh away, she spat out the core and I reformed new.

Overall this feels like it might be one of those - a purifying regeneration as shinri said.


Hiya OP! That sounds like a guide telling you to embrace your inner nature, especially because you became those flames and it felt good. Have you been peeling back from magic or your intuition? It feels like a sort of last resort to rally around yourself, before the flames trigger alarm bells. You mentioned that you don’t share much, do you have anything you want to add about what’s been going on? Out of context, this is an experience which you can only get conjecture in response- patterns are more visible with more data! :slight_smile:

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Most likely aligning your energies with that of Infernal fire. Or it can also be that you are going to experience some sort of deep purification using fire element. At worst it can signify some gastric problem in near future.

But as the dream/vision ended with a feeling of bliss, then it signifies something good.

yea, pre-40 witches, It always have to be something sexual or erotic. Even post forty also it stays in come cases.

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You’re pretty perceptive. I feel like there are a few things related but it’s hard to tell what to share and what to keep to myself.

If by peeling back you mean pulling away then…yes? I took a 4 month break in which I left the forum. The magick I was doing mixed with events from my past was psychologically damaging and in all honesty I probably bit off more than I could chew. I totally understand why we hear about some people who get into black magick killing themselves. So since I’ve been “back” from my break I’ve kept my magick to minimal… just to make sure things in mundane life go the way I want them to.

This past month I’ve experienced 2 rage blackouts, one being day before yesterday when I had this experience, which is something new for me. I’ve never been an angry person or have had any problems with rage. Its unsettling. Like falling asleep while my mouth and body moves itself. When I do some introspection I do realize that I am angry about a lot of things, but have never expressed it. It was one of these rage blackouts that happened day before yesterday that prompted me to sit and do some shadow work. Which I suppose is what triggered the whole ordeal.?

I think the fact that the being that was watching referred to a ‘her’ is interesting. Now that I’ve had time to sleep on it I think more things make sense and I realize that lately I feel a bit “split”. Not really like having a split personality but split in that there are parts of me that I suppose I try hard to suppress? And the ways that shows up in day to day life or when doing magick feels almost like another persona completely and it’s a little surprising at times and catches me completely off guard. I Have questioned whether or not I have a split personality but I know that’s not how it works or what its like.

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Today I honestly do feel like a new person. This is the first time in months that i wake up and dont feel hollow or still tired. It was this awful empty feeling. I stopped being able to feel any emotions at all. Geez I’m fucked up hahah…ha.
But after 24 or so hours I feel fresh like I’ve taken a shower. Hm. A fire bath.


Your godself has emerged…and you denied yourself for far too long. Sorry that hurt, but you really need to find your truth and stand in it. You did. Keep standing in it. Times are changing Rin. Time to wake.

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When we spoke on your godself, you constantly even just thinking about it can call it forth.

You’re mere contemplating on the being can bring it near.

The fact that it came from your stomach could mean that it is connected to a solar force, as that is were the solar plexus is located.

Makes sense why you saw fire, also the darkness could be a baneful/dark/demonic aspect of the sun.

Meditate on that area, focus on the imagery you got during your experience.

Simply harness your will and intention on discovering energy there that isn’t yours.

Once that energy is felt, you can focus on it and figure out what the type of the energy is.

Thereby you can figure out what type of entity it is, thereby you can perform a blind evocation for that entity.

Then you can get the answers to your questions, that entity will give you answers more in depths than any of us here.


I’ll attest to changing times and time might be short for some. I had a burning dream of that sorts and it is odd seeing and feeling your flesh burn off and turn to solid ash. I my case I was on a shuttle burning in air space of solid fire heading towards a molten rock planet. There were other people in there and they screamed in terror as the sides and roof were burning away. I decided to climb out as I was burning anyways and that’s when I was basically turned to solid ash that couldn’t move. Then the dying retrothrusters of the ship hit me and I exploded into powder and flame becoming a living being of solid fire that could fly. It felt exhilarating. The pain before was negligible compared to the hells of Pre-back surgery. I watched as the screaming souls and shuttle crashed into the magma world and were consumed. I flew around a bit and woke up. This was after my dedication to Lucifer in 2014 on New Years Eve to day.

Haven’t had much of an experience like that since. Most dreams now the fire is cold and lifeless and not hot enough. I’d agree it’s an awakening for you.


Thanks my dude I’ll keep this in mind :blush:

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That sounds epic bro. I’ve always pictured myself going out in some fantastical way like that lol not likely… but it’d be a cool story to tell in the afterlife.

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Yeah, I get weird dreams at times. The sad thing is a lot of my mundane life is more frightening Er more harsh than the fantastic of my dreams.

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I’m sorry :frowning_face:

Dreams are of spirit and perhaps pain is associated with holding onto the physical life force. The dream shows a relative quick burn and freedom. Don’t know if living flame dies out though.

Hiya OP! Powers don’t stop changing and reacting when you stop consciously interacting with them, so what that means spiritually is that you have some catching up to do with yourself- see what’s new! Go out on the you-town! ‘Know Thyself’ isn’t the first axiom for no reason. :slight_smile:

If past problems were brought up in relation to your magic, you might be getting called to deal with them from said viewpoint. Our bodies are great at letting us know when we need to be patched, and when there’s a lasting deficit from observed events, one of two paths is emphasized- suppression, or release, and when you’re involved in magic it’s up to you to figure out how to remove the undesirable effects of existence from your past. Time is mutable, perceptual habits less so! :slight_smile:

Rage blackouts are pretty common when your means of responding to intense stress exceed your conscious acceptance or understanding. So, they’re a big indicator, of not knowing yourself deeply enough to understand your reaction to intense, maybe life-threatening pressure. Suppressing things just adds to the pressure cooker, and when your abilities outperform your mind, they turn it off! :slight_smile:

The frequency of the blackouts and the dream signal about the bliss of burning sounds like a lot of things need to go from within you, so I’d suggest summoning up Rage-You and seeing what triggers it. The only difference between physicality and spirituality is the ease at which they come to us, so, when you’ve mapped the possible causes here, you can find your way into the Great Space to get the Yous necessary to fix you! :slight_smile: