Little help needed

Hello, I’m having my entrance exam for the medicine school tomorrow. It consists of 90 questions(60 biology and 30 chemistry). I can get admitted with 7, that’s if I do all the biology perfectly. I was wondering if you guys could help me tell me ways on how to assure I’ll get admitted because I’m really scared. I contacted Bune before and it seemed like it worked somehow, so if you could tell me what to do I’d be really grateful.

Log out from balg, stop wasting your time and catch your books. None of the spirits will do something that you can do by yourself :blush:
Good luck for tomorrow!

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Okay Summon king Paimon for this admission. And there’s a post here that has demons that help you with the studying process. They are Asmodai, Vampula and Andrealphus

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how can I summon any of the above if I don’t have any candles and stuff?

You dont need anything. has very good rituals to invoke demons without items. You just need yourself and your will to invoke.

may I ask you to give me a link from this wordpress that’s supposed to help me during the exam?

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Good luck on your exam, as long as you study and follow the advice in the link provided you’ll be fine. :bouquet: