List of spells which used in sabrina( are they real)

I’ve found the scripts for the episodes online and collected them all, but be aware

Most of them contain Spoilers!
…Otherwise here you go:

“Dominus, Pater. Respice ad mea. ego creo facim.” - Used by Madam Satan to become Mary Wardell (EP1)

“Vos omnes ministri odey et destructiones et Seratore discorde. Et qui opera facitis et tracitibus, quod eat noce. Vos conjurae idex nos conjuo et odid fiat mier alve, Sabrina.” - Used by The Sisters as last words before disapearing for Sabrina (EP1)

“Vola anima per aeterna” - Used by Ambrose for Astral Projection (EP4)

“Turpis et infernis in terris pariunt. Et furantur verba haec locutus sum vobis Laetitia. Punctum baculus parit malediction. Adiuro vos tamen hoc graecas munus.” - Used by Sabrina to control spiders and catch the demon Batibat with spiderweb

“Ex spiritibus enim sie te aeris. Qui Omnipotentiam Tuam parcendo clavem ad. Ostium ligate Diabolum hunc! Hoc captionem, et daemonium ab grandus cincinno.” - Used by Spellmans as protection so the batibat demon can’t leave their house

Three stages to the Rite of Resurrection. (EP8)

“Nos si vocare te.” Used to awaken the Hounds

  1. “Aperi ianuam.” Used to open the door between worlds *

  2. “Vita est vita.” Used for the sacrifice

“Redi ad periculum tuum.” Used by Sabrina to open the portal to Limbo (EP9)

“Qui affecto protego, mixtisque iubas serpentibus et posteris meis stirpiqu.” Used by multiple as protection spell (EP10)

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They are just sentences in Latin. Unfortunately, my Latin is not very good right now, but it seems like most of these are just simple sentences. Like you would say “Open the Door!” and a door between worlds would be open, but instead you say it in Latin, because that would have more of an appeal in a show, since almost no one will understand it (And Latin has a reputation as a sort of “magick language” in theater.)

And whether the spells are historical, I really doubt they are historical incantations considering the above.


None of this is real or honest. It’s TV, TV is designed to control you, not give you any kind of control over your life.

For this reason the subliminals are likely to be highly subversive and detrimental, I suggest taking with a VERY large pinch of salt and divining the real intent first. Kind of like random sigils posted on here that we remove because they’re sometimes sigil bombs or have nasties behind them.

You can’t trust any of these to be what they said they were.

Also, the point of chants are the resonant energy they set up when you vibrate them continually - “Spells” are new age nonsense, the best they do is help you focus your intent. No resonance, no intent, nothing doing. Others of them, like astral projection need you to develop a real skill, and saying a few words in any language won’t do that for you.

There’s nothing special about Latin, and it’s best to use your native language to get your intent across to your subconscious.
The REASON Latin was used in the xtian ceremonies was to deliberately maintain the secrets and not educate the masses on what what happening, so they did as they were told - an uneducated populace is easier to control. Reasons underneath things matter more than the things.
That makes is very appropriate for TV - Is that really the kind of energy you want in a working?


I don’t think any TV show is going to have accurate spells lol. The most I see are common symbols and such, usually used in a fantasy-like manner that is not possible here.

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Some of the spells are based on old Songs and Texts so indeed someone reserched all that. One of them worked perfectly