I was possessed by Lillith last night. She is a great spirit to work with.



is it safe for “MAN” to evoke lilith? LOL
i hear that she doesnt really like MAN

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Would you summon her to find out if she will live up to that reputation? I didn’t think so.

No, she don’t hate men. What she don’t like is inequality, though. Still not convinced? Better find out yourself, right?


Could we talk about it in pvt? I am feeling her presence and wanna make it more stronger. @LadyVenom

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ok thank you :slight_smile:

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Yes she works with men but hates those who are stuck in there ego’s and promote toxic masculinity.


She really helped me when I was getting over issues of childhood abuse. Needed some toughening up.

Lovely Lady but I wouldn’t want to see her ticked off.

I hope your work goes well! :blue_heart:


I assume this refers to actuall toxic masculinity and not things like manspreasing?

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i think she will like me, i never show domination to women! i often work with “female” deity

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You will be fine just research and start simple and slow. Meditations and offerings then progress if you get the signs to. x


I think is a matter of time, but I have so many questions about my relationship with our Goddess. Could you help me with some advicing? @kiss-lamia-lilith

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im at work at the moment but pm me and i’ll give you some starter tips.

Great! Same here (at work now) I’ll write you later, giving you some details about what’s happening to me about our Goddess. Thanks for answer me. @kiss-lamia-lilith

Hello, I’m new to this forum, joined to know more about working with female deities. Is it ok if I PM you to get the list of books you offered to give in another topic?

@kiss-lamia-lilith - Please forgive my etiquette, I’m still getting used to this forum.

I’ve always been a very lustful person that enjoy sex feelings to the max. This is the reason because I’ve started to be attracted to watch and check info and pictures about succubus on the internet. The more I looked for more info, the more I was getting into this world (plus the fact I’ve been enjoying things about satanism). All we know that knowledge is power… well, I wanted to know more and that took me to try summon a succubus using a prayer that I’ve found on a satanic web page. That started since two weeks ago, where I felt light-medium arousal feelings, and I’ve said thanks to Lilith for the gift I started to enjoy about this arousal feelings, praying to her. During the next days I was focused on Lilith much more, since my arousal just disappeared. Until last Friday night when I was going to sleep: the arousal feeling was getting very, very intense and when I said thanks to Lillith, the feeling was going more harder. I wanted to check if her was the one that made me felt this way, so I’ve asked to her on my praying (while I was getting aroused) that she could show me a signal to confirm that was her who was getting me into ecstasy. Well, the response came a little time after, but recently the feelings went away. However, I’ve been practicing 3rd eye and Root meditation (I’m a newbie on that) So, I’ve been looking into this forum for some advices that could help me to make strong the link between Lilith and me, because I like the way I’ve felt protected. I have to confess, love the arousal feelings, but I am discovering things on her that started to like me much more and made me thought about her every day (I am still praying and offering details to her like burn cinnamon candles and meditate on her with red candles - things that I’ve read that she likes and feel pleased) @kiss-lamia-lilith

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I know of two Magic authors who summoned Lilith, so it’s indeed safe for (at least experienced) males to evoke her. Still, I have a little doubt about not invocation in itself but possession, since this entity is conventionally female. Then again, in theory it must be accomplished Unity: become internally Female and Male. And according to one of those authors, Lilith do have a male “side”: the Black Sun…

“Safe” might not be the best word to use. Not anymore dangerous than it is for most women though.

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If any of you wanna reply to my post, that will be welcomed. I am looking for more knowledge and advices…

A suggestion that springs to my mind is to recite this invocation:
“Lilith, queen of the black Moon, you give birth to demons, you infernal Numen helping necromancers, descend to me like a dark cloud, ditch the sky as a wandering star, surround this place with your vampire’s wings and cause in me the perturbation required to find in the night’s darkness the symbol of your power.
With it, the spirits in your power will appear to me, coming like bleeding shadows. O black goddess, I invoke your protection around me.”

It looks a bit too much focused on Lilith’s dark aspect, though, which surely is only one of many.