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Mmmh ok gotcha wanna Pm me and I can give you some more information I don’t wanna drag this way off

  • Lilith
  • Ishtar/Inanna
  • Isis
  • Nephthys
  • Persephone
  • Hecate
  • Nyx
  • Nemesis
  • Morrigan

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Why do you call Lilith by Isis. Astaroth is also known as Isis. Do you believe them to be the same entity?

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Wow we can do voting pulls?? I never knew that.

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It’s merely a matter of culture. I cranked up the post to see who most people refer to her by. Each culture has a different version or form of Lilith. However, it could very well be the same entity. I’ve seen the popular Ishtar Relief as commonly referred to be a direct concept of Lilith. So it’s hard to say.


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Exactly Bruh. Its the Feminine Divine within ourselves men choose to demonize her sexualize her with they’re lusts and wants. These are just Phantoms until The Heart is Balanced and she comes in Truth

Voting on who is lillith?

Yes Anat/Astarte Astaroth its the Tower of Babel
Who knew the ineffable Name of God?
Who knew Rahs Secret ineffable Name?
Lady Asherah of the sea was a main component in the Atenism that Set created he tells me thats why she was in the temple for the 265years out of 360it stood. Why did it fall you might ask? Remove the foundation and everything falls. She is the foundation of All. What may I ask is the seeds of creation Mother Father only two can create one that is whole

Voting on which name people most identify with. Each culture is different, yet many agree that they are all of the same form/being.

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Yeah I was gunna say, yet Isis is my Mother In this life thats truth.

  • Dark Goddess
  • Dark Mother
  • Mother of Succubus/Incubus beings
  • Mother of Vampires/Werewolves
  • Mother of Prostitutes and Sacred Prostitution
  • All of the Above

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I would say true mother

It is true for all

Well for me even tho she is higher than us but she was more human then adam and or eve
She had that knowledge as well that man and woman should be equal
So she would be the true mother


While true mother is possible, I’m wondering about Dark Mother. To say she is a true mother would be interesting. To say that she is a dark mother suggests that she is a mother that instills our realistic nature that ultimately means that it is a very primal nature that can be brutal(hence the “Dark” part) and beyond worth calling passionate.

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She is indeed put Dark mother she brings what we need not always what we want, its how she shapes us to fulfill a need. She is Divine balance within Men. The Mother in women. Though true Balance is Between Both Divine masculine and Devine feminine as in Shakti/shiva

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I’m not familiar with Shakti/shiva on any level. Everything else makes sense though.

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Shakti was a man who became deified through him connecting with his feminine divine aspect shiva

What culture is this from?