Hello I was wondering if anyone can help me verify what lilith would show herself as. When being mother figure???

She showed herself to me as 27589946048_d24a899c49_n
But human form and like an amazon woman size.
In the dream she came to me and i told her i would be calling her mother lilith or mom.
And i woke up from the dream by someone tickling me on my right foot. It was gentle but you can feel long nails and the finger tips.


I’ve had similar views of Lilith. She ranges from blonde to jet black. It sort of depends on her mood.

However, while she is commonly known as a mother figure, she is definitely a sexualized figure as well. It sounds like a paradox and a taboo by today’s standards. Just food for thought either way.

Also, her long nails and fingertips are as a means to deflect danger from her and her children. Her tenacity is unlike anything I have ever seen in an entity.

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Really? My image of Lilith is as a thick dark skinned woman with Snow White hair.

The tickling strikes me as odd though.

How can i get her to come to me more. Like a ritual or chant… ???
I liked how i felt and i felt like if it was her tickling me she was saying ok bye for now have a good day.
Or just being a mom

Well idk if it was her tickilng me but ik it was a mature hand with long nails
I was able to feel the nails and finger tips it was very gentle like a loving tickle if that make sense

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Well tickling is a sign of affection.

Lol for me tickling is weird just cause a bad childhood
But i believe it was her

Hotep Au Set Isis she who has many names, Mother of creation, Mother of Gods, she who also knows the ineffable name… blessings and peace Set-AuSet My mother in truth.

You can chant her enn. Renich Viasa Avage Lilith Lirach

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She who comes as many, Isis our mother of Night. See and now know the truth brought to light. Demonization of women is what started the lie. Eve is still Lillith as all women can go haha I say that with love just know. Blessings Au Set im forever your cub.

Its in your bloodline, which root you will know. I too am her Child yet Born of Osiris my blood is , unique. Yours may be as well. I am Lilu as the father of Gilgamesh was daughter of lillith you might be but which seed of creation.? Inanna/Ishtar Anat/Astarte Isis/Nepthys Eve/Lillith

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Im kinda confussed is this a chant or???
Sorry just didnt know what the comments where on besides lilith

No this is Set speaking through me, sorry I know its really confusing sometimes I gotta ground myself better.

Set can you explain more???
Got my attention. :eyes:

You asked who to evoke as in path of lillith that is the mother. Look at Anat-Bethel, Bethel meaning womb of El or house of El was wife to both Set and Baal

Do you know a best way for me to simple get her to come to me more???
Ik she knows i want her as my mother and deity

Lilith was known pre-Babylonian times as hand of Inanna, or Ishtar. She Married Set After Leaving The First Man Atum


Yes, she will patience is difficult I know. Balance your energies emotions. Meditate begin to Establish a disciplined practice daily if you haven’t already

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I cant really ive been put on new meds and a lot of issues with the meds