Lilith Sigil

Can anybody Confirm the this is one of Lilith Sigil

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This is the sigil according to Asenath Mason’s work with the Draconian current, yes.


I think this one gave Kenneth Grant for Lilith.
From the Nightside of Eden.

I think there are multiple variations of her sigil. And that one your showing will work just as well

That one is of Thantifaxath


Thank you!

I had found this related to Lilith in this Forum.
Now I wonder why I didn’t wonder ^^
Kenneth Grant only wrote about Set’s Tunnels,
not about the Qliphoth.

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I used this in my thank you to Lilith.


Thantifaxath is the tunnel of Saturn. You can see the letter tav next to the sigil.


I don’t know the hebrew Alphabet unfortunately.

You should know it, without it Kenneth’s book won’t make sense.

It was in 2016 when I read it. Some years ago.
You mean I should learn the hebrew Alphabet?

You summon her using the one

If you want to.

Yes I dipped some of my blood on it and the burnt it. Thought it would be more thankful to say it in person.

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Can I use semen instead of blood ?

I’m not the one to ask I am new to magik. But I have read you can almost use any bodily fluid.

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Okay kool thanks

Yes you can use semen. You can use one of those sigils but it’s best to make your own. That’s just my opinion.



I started working with Lilith last year, and I want to know if this sigil is good to uses when working with her. 82a59085798d7131f18bda4451ae23fa