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Greetings my brothers and sisters.

Can anyone tell me the origins of the different sigils for Lady Lilith, and which one’s hold or represent greater “POWER”.

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There’s no such thing as a seal that holds “greater power” over another. They all work, though each may connect to a specific aspect of Lilith, as sometimes seals are created for distinct magical currents ie paths that work with spirits using their own unique symbolism ( a good example is Mark Allan Smith’s Primal Craft, which works with Belial, Lucifer, and Hecate, within its own mythology and system).


I had great success a few months ago with the middle one. The sigil is a focusing tool in which align our consciousness with the deity that we are trying to invoke. As @DarkestKnight said above, there is no greater power over another.

However, with Lilith, be on point with your offerings as with any deity. The thing I immediately picked up on was how satisfied she was with the offerings I had provided. I bought her a bouquet of roses and beheaded them and laid them out on my altar. In the center of it all, I had a black plate surrounded by 4 conical dragonsblood incense and burned copal on my charcoal burner. On the black plate between the dragonsblood, I placed a block of dark chocolate and sprinkled the outer edge of the plate with a line of cinnamon. I also pricked my finger with a thorn from the roses and gave her three drops of my blood. At the end of the ritual, I asked her what she thought of the offerings and she simply said “perfection.”

Personally, I make at least two distinct offerings and then they have the option of gravitating toward what they’d prefer for the evening. I sliced up high quality steak for Belial once and he immediately went to the Bulleit whiskey instead. Offerings matter, if you’re having difficulties summoning her with any of the above sigils, I’d recommend re-evaluating your sacrifices and a bit more research. It also can’t hurt to ask! shrugs

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Thanks Duskwalker

I have had success with her previously. Thanks for advice.

I was interested in some of the history behind the different sigils.

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You’re very welcome!

I did some quick searches around on the forum, and I found this:

It goes over some of the history behind these sigils and some magicians have had varying experiences with each. Might be worth looking over!

Glad to help!

Thanks Brother

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I once read the article about creating the middle one. Actually I always thought that, by searching a little, Lilith’s sigil would’ve be found; so I’m inclined to deem more powerful the other two. Still, I used the middle sigil and anyways by now it’s very likely powerful as well.

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Yes along with others, I use the middle one, I’m sure they’re all similar in contexts of power but I’ve never attempted the first or last so I can’t say, but the middle one definitely works! :wink:

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I did something very similar with the roses, etc. However my communication with her was brief. She has spoken to me twice, it was more of a physical and spiritual feeling and sense. However, the ritual I did is working like a charm, pardon expression. I simply asked if she would do something for me, and she replied yes.

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