Lilith & Naamah and the moon

I’ve been trying to visualise and hear my succubus through meditation, though no luck, I got this weird stuck in my head, of how Lilith and Naamah visits you following the lunar cycles.

Lilith starts planting her seeds when the moon is waning and comes for her harvest at the time of the new moon
Naamah starts planting her seeds when the moon is waxing and comes for her harvest when the moon is full

I got no idea what to use this for or why I keep thinking it, but just had to get it out of my system somehow
anyone got any knowledge of Lilith and Naamah and the lunar cycles? or some imput


Lilith is about internal work hence the dark moon. Naamah is more physical sense hence full moon especially blood moon.


do anyone else who has experience with a succubus/incubus feel their presence stronger on full and newmoons?
some fullmoons/newmoons are just crazy in my experience, the sensation seems stronger

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Thats when there realms coinside with ours so it should be stronger. Dark moon all the trapped & hidden stuff comes to the surface. Full moon there is energy that makes you wanna act out do something daring and exciting.


that makes sense :slight_smile:
thanks for replying btw

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I went through my grimoire and looked up the moon phases for all the dates my encounters happened.

Interesting enough, almost every single sexual encounter I had with incubi and demons happened on or a day before a Full Moon.

Forced astral projection, very dark manifestations, negotiations, and the demons darker impulses would happen around a New Moon, usually just before while it is still waning.

There were a couple times where I would get both happening at once while waxing from a New Moon to a Full Moon.

Very interesting indeed.


For me it varies, independently, with or without the different phases of the moon. There is cycles where their energies and presence are stronger, but it’s not dependent on the phases of the moon, but rather their own biological clock and hormones. That doesn’t mean the moon phase goes unnoticed, but it’s not a main factor every time their presence, energies and manifestation gets stronger.

Full moon, half moon, crescent moon, blood moon, dark moon and every other shape it has, is not always a reason for stronger energies and activities. The radiation of light and the size of the moon, rather than it’s aesthetic, might have a greater impact energy wise, as I see it.

As I’ve experience, succubus/incubus entities have biological cycles which comes to fruition independently of the phases of the moon. Sometimes it happens that the moon also is within phase of a full moon, which could be coincidental, rather than influential. It sure enhance the presence and experience, but it’s not crucial to their biological, animalistic urges of mating and procreation.


I’ve noticed something similar, my Succubus seems to be very physical the days and nights up to a fullmoon, last one was really intense and amazing, most phyiscal experience I have felt in some time.
it makes this in between time feels calm but also slightly frustrating as I have to wait until she jumps on me in full force again hehe.

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I agree, though it might be different from relationship to relationship
I have had some really strong sensation regardless of the moonphase, but I’ve also have had enough strong sensations on the days before a fullmoon, and sometimes newmoon, to notice a sort of pattern.
I haven’t really made it into a scientific study before, that kinda kills the romance a bit :stuck_out_tongue: but the more I think about it the stonger a pattern I see.

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